Dayanara Ryelle

Coming Soon!

A trip! I finally get to go on a trip! Huzzah!

No, not a book signing tour, but something just as nice…I’m hitting the road to finally meet my muse!

March 17 kicks off Wizard World Cleveland for 2017, and to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Dexter (even though that was technically last year), they invited a few cast members to stop by and sign autographs. Since I basically decided to go to whichever convention was the first to announce they were hosting James Remar this year, I pretty well tripped over myself to buy a weekend pass to as soon as someone announced he was going to be at WWC. No idea what I’m going to do when I get through his autograph line, but there will be panels and vendors. Not to mention networking potential–or at least a chance to interest some people in my books! If all else fails, I might go to the zoo…although Friday is already looking pretty good for that, since the doors don’t open until five.

Keep an eye on my blog–there’s sure to be some super fangirl squealing there Friday night!

Hot Projects

That actually sounds like I can stick with a project for more than five minutes–hilarious!

Truly, though, I’m continually trying to make The Devil’s Bride go somewhere. (Loyal readers may remember that I’ve been struggling with it since my muse for that series left me in early 2015.)

One thing that I can promise is whatever I publish next, Laura Tolton will be the cover artist. I am a huge fan of her work (especially her Old Kingdom pieces), and though it may cost me dearly to commission her, I'm certain I won't regret it!

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