Dayanara Ryelle


I bought a year of premium, so my old domain is active again. Now if I can just get off my lazy rear and get my domain email back up and running! (Possibly. Maybe.) [041721]


Started work on The Devil's Bride for the fifty-fifth time a couple of weeks ago…and waiting for my computer to have its hard drive replaced has been an excellent excuse not to work on it. [041721]


Finished my first astrology course a month ago today, did two lessons of the Hellenistic course and just…stopped.

I know I can get by with reading the book, I don't have to watch a million hours of videos (I consulted with other students, who say they use the videos primarily for examples and skip around accordingly), but…I'm fantastic at putting things off.

Well, that and I was starting to dive into horary before I even understood it very well and found myself burning out at the same time. (Not to mention it's a little difficult to study astrology when the computer with your software on it is—you guessed it—in the shop. [041721]