Dayanara Ryelle


I’m favoring paralegal studies ahead of astrology right now, because even though I think it would be great to become an astrologer, I understand law stuff better. I’d like to get my MLS one day, but trying to figure out which program is the best for me is always tricky. [100721]


I’ve been working on Sevens for a few months, but getting beyond the first chapter is difficult. I know I’m supposed to write first and focus on the specifics later, but it’s hard when I write something and then think, “I can do better than this!” [100721]


When I last left it, I was about 31% finished. (I did the zodiacal releasing quiz early, thinking I understood it, but I did poorly, so I don’t count it, but the system does.) I’ve completely abandoned horary for the moment…I haven’t thought much about it, either. [100721]