25 Things

I SWORE I wasn’t going to do this…I lied.


1. I legally changed my name when I was 21.

2. I have been some sort of Pagan since I was 11, but I wasn’t allowed to leave the Catholic church until I was 18. (I have a second cousin who is a Southern Baptist minister…he would probably have a heart attack if he found out!)

3. I’m nearly ready to submit the essay that would promote me from Bard to Ovate in the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. (But I’m not going to continue after that…I’m not “feelin’ it”.)

4. I am the official number one fan of a semi-famous magician.

5. I made it through 22 years without needing glasses of any sort…in a family where almost EVERYONE wears them.

6. I like older men, but doubt I will marry very much more than eight years my senior.

7. My secret weakness is/are Latinos. (I’m hardwired to think that the vast majority are handsome and I think watching the Alma awards is a lot of fun because of it!)

8. I want one daughter, whose name will be Isis. Her middle name will either be Lirio or Sohrae (or both) and she will take my surname. (I have known this since the age of eight.) If I have a boy, his name will be Edouard Andreu and he will have his father’s surname.

9. I intend to publish more than a few books in my lifetime, even if they are with a “vanity publisher” like iUniverse or Lulu.

10. I secretly wish that two or three of my books will eventually be made into movies. 11. I’m going to school to be a Naturopathic physician/midwife and it feels like it takes 20-30 minutes to tell everyone that, because I can’t quit going into detail!

12. I would push for licensing for Naturopathic physicians in the state of Michigan if I had the patience and if I knew I had a couple people backing me up.

13. I have been vacillating on living in Las Vegas for 5+ years. 14. I dated a swing musician briefly–he looks older than he really is, causing everyone I knew to think I was dating a 38-year-old. (I met his father and he was DEFINITELY not the father of a 38-year-old!)

15. I’ve owned my own cemetery plot since I was 18.

16. I was once under consideration for a supporting role in Spider-Man 3.

17. I don’t like (studying) Oriental Medicine…it gives me “Teflon brain”.

18. I briefly considered being a funeral director. (I never told my current boss…I was going to surprise him with the fact after I graduated.)

19. My dream of owning a dance studio disappeared when I failed my audition for the dance program at Western Michigan University.

20. I am SO obsessed with an actor that I’ve watched a commercial of his more than 20 times in two weeks (between television and YouTube). (I’ve seen some pretty weird roles of his, because of it.)

21. I decided not to go into teaching because I knew I couldn’t stand a classroom full of children.

22. My mother thinks I should be a geologist, my father thinks I should be a massage therapist and my maternal grandmother thinks I should be a computer technician. (I think that the gods think that I’m already on the right path!)

23. I passed the Travel Agent Proficiency exam in 2006 and would require only six months in the field to be eligible for the Certified Travel Agent exam.

24. I think it would be cool to be fluent in Spanish and proficient in at least one other language.

25. I’m crossing my fingers that I pass the pre-interview and end up in dealer school this summer!

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