Thoughts on Soulmates

From time to time, I have people ask me, “How is it that you seem to get only celebrities for soulmates?” (With a note of disbelief in their voices or their keystrokes.)

What…you think I plan this or something? You think I just say, “Hey, I like that celebrity…I think I’ll call him my soulmate?”

Pardon me while I stop writing for a couple minutes and laugh my ass off. [/sarcasm]

Don’t you think if it was as easy as looking through a catalog and picking people out, I’d go for guys closer to my age? Maybe even in my state, so they’d be more accessible? Don’t you think if I  had the option, I would have picked someone I could “bring home to the Fire Family”, without worrying about reigniting a decade-long feud between my soulmate and my FireFather?* Don’t you think I would have picked someone who wasn’t still in the classroom known as his first marriage?

The real issue, I think, is that my friends forget that my soulmates have not been celebrities for their entire existence. When my soulmates were younger, were they not as average you and I? Haven’t you stopped to think who they might have been when we met centuries ago? My father, my brother, my lover, my cousin, my friend? How often do you forget that “celebrity” is merely a label we stick on normal people to indicate that they have a higher level of popularity than the rest of us?

I’m sorry if you think I’m a puppy-love-drunk fool, but your disbelief is not going to change the knowledge buried deep in my soul and what I feel in my heart. I love them both dearly and I am so glad I have them in my life. It’s been one hell of a rollercoaster ride these last eleven years, but I would change anything that I have said and done and learned for the world.**


* I don’t know if it still exists between them, or if it ever did in the first place…after this long, I don’t care. Everyone involved in that feud needs to get over it!

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