One Song Meme

Choose a musical artist and use titles from his/her repertoire to answer the following questions.

 Pick Your Artist: Enya

Are you male or female? Miss Clare Remembers

Describe yourself: Wild Child

How do you feel about yourself? Hope Has a Place

Describe your current dating situation: Water Shows the Hidden Heart
I’m in love with Jamie, deep within my heart.

Describe where you currently live: Shepherd Moons
I thought that was an apt way to describe living in the country.

If you could go anywhere: La Soñadora

Your favorite form of transportation: Drifting
Enya doesn’t have any songs about flying (as far as I know).

Your best friend(s): Amarantine
Amaranth is a long-lasting flower.

Your favorite color is: Caribbean Blue
No songs about black/silver here.

Favorite time: On My Way Home
I sometimes daydream on the drive home.

What life is to you: Long, Long Journey

What is the best advice you have to give? Paint the Sky with Stars
That had to be probably the hardest question. What else could I say?

If you could change your name, what would it be? I disqualified myself from this question, having already changed my name.

Thought for the day: Someone Said Goodbye
Referring to David Carradine’s death.

How I would like to die: To Go Beyond
Wouldn’t everyone?

My soul’s present condition: If I Could Be Where You Are
Dreaming of Jamie, of course.

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