How dumb do you think I am?

I’m not going to get too deep into the debate over vaccines…I’m just going to point out a few of the more obvious things.


First, if the “vaccination experts” are swearing up and down that they removed thimerosal and other mercury products years ago, then why are people still lobbying to have it removed?

Second, if vaccinations really are to blame for autism, then why does the disease mostly affect males? Shouldn’t it hit both genders equally? And if the chemicals in these vaccinations are actually the problem, then shouldn’t the effects be irreversible, like with asbestos causing mesothelioma? Why then are people like Jenny McCarthy able to get their children “out” of autism?

As for vaccines being a necessity for a safe and healthy existence, I believe that most are necessary, but some are pointless. Why on earth did they develop a vaccine for chickenpox?! It’s as common as a cold and except for the rare possibility of developing it twice or the occasional possibility of getting shingles later on, what harm does it do? The (standard) flu vaccine is even worse…scientists have to GUESS which four strains will be prominent each year! You’d be further off trying to guess what color a leaf will turn come autumn! I’m not sure Gardasil is all its cracked up to be, either…personally, I’m doing without because it only protects you from four types of HPV–I’d rather “be hung for a sheep as for a lamb” as the old saying goes.

Just because I’m getting my B.Sc. in alternative medicine and want go to (alternative) medical school doesn’t mean I have any intention of sticking my nose up at vaccines–or at least not all of them. No amount of herbs or other “Naturopathic stuff” is ever going to convince me that I’m safe from getting lockjaw (or something worse) if I get tetanus. No “magic tricks” I learn at Everglades or University of Bridgeport (or wherever I go next) will keep me safe if I’m too dumb to get vaccinated for meningitis before I move into graduate housing.

Just because we’re learning natural ways of treating disease doesn’t mean we have to completely turn our backs on “the establishment”–that would be harmful to both us and our patients. If one of my future patients wants an epidural, do you think I’m going to deny her just because I’m a Naturopath? Fuck no! I am a physician first and a Naturopath second–and I think many of my future (and current) colleagues would do well to remember that for themselves.

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