Things I can’t believe I did…

I know I’m not even halfway to the big quarter century (seven months!); but a recent status update from a friend reminded me of some of the stuff I’ve done in the last 25 years, so I thought I’d share…

  • Read at (at least) a fifth grade level by age 5 (I read a poem at my Kindergarten graduation!)
  • Ate escargot (when I was really, really young…EW!)
  • Conquered stage fright before the third grade (dancing for thirteen years does that to you!)
  • Attended the skiing world cup (Vail, 1999)
  • Played a National Adjudicators’ Invitational event (2002 Dixie Classic)
  • Saw Pope John Paul II while packed onto a Canadian Air Force base with several hundred thousand other people (2002)
  • Went to Ireland as an exchange student (2003)
  • Auditioned for the dance program at Western Michigan University without having taken a single ballet class (dumb, but I’m still proud of myself!)
  • Participated in Harvard Model Congress (San Francisco 2004)
  • Called my best friend from Alcatraz (same trip!)
  • Survived Advanced Placement English (LOL)
  • Made a Macbeth mini movie in 17 hours (for AP English…legendary!)
  • Participated in six beauty pageants (did two twice…I’m not the pageant sort!)
  • Spent five days in Las Vegas by myself (2008…and I’d do it again in a heartbeat!)

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