Ever feel like you just want to curl up in a little ball and wait for the world to change? That’s me…

As if talking about dead cats last night wasn’t depressing enough, Lauren is sick.

No, not deathly sick…just “she really needs to go to the vet” sick…and I felt a little…dismayed? that I wasn’t able to take her.

Fortunately, those “rocket sneezes” are just an upper respiratory infection, so Dr. Bauer gave her a prescription for antibiotics.

Unfortunately, Dr. Bauer also told my dad that we have to keep Lauren inside for a week. Cat’s going to drive us up the wall, I swear to Goddess!

Whatever happened to the days when you were called to schedule an interview and the caller asked, “What time works best for you?” Or do they only do that when it’s a small company/a part time position/retail? Having been out of work this long, I can’t exactly argue; but at the same time, I’m tired of feeling like it’s always, “You interview on X day at Y time or you can just forget this job!”

You know, I realize that it’s an employers’ market out there, but you can just take that fucking attitude of yours and suck it!

That’s the rallying cry of not only the disenfranchised unemployed, but the one who feels like she has run into a million problems and twenty-two hundred rejections lately, because every fucking HR rep out there seems to want to schedule interviews while the moon is void of course! (I realize I’m one of very few that keep track of such things, but if I was given the chance to choose a few different days like I used to, I could schedule around VoC and not have this problem!)

I was scheduled for an interview today at one of the schools that participates in Lansing Community College’s University Center. (I won’t specify in order to avoid naming names.)

I’ve avoided downtown Lansing in the seven years since I received my driver’s license because I felt that it was intimidating as hell. Now I remember why I felt it was intimidating as hell!

I saw the University Center, but I kept going because I didn’t have change for the meters and my dad told me to look for a nearby ramp where I could park. The ramp is a little ways beyond and it has two doors, thus:

|‾|   |‾|

Now, the one on the left was all blocked off with street barriers. (I’m guessing it’s usually the exit, but it’s temporarily not, for whatever reason.) The one on the right looked like the entrance, except I happened to glance over and see a “do not enter” (street) sign posted on the right wall of the entry. So, being unfamiliar with downtown Lansing, I was confused as all get-out.

I passed the doors and…I don’t know what I was doing. I guess I was going to turn left at the next street so I could go around and see if there was another entrance? Only Lansing isn’t just the capital of Michigan. It also happens to be the capital of one way streets! (I’ve been to Las Vegas twice and I swear I’ve never seen so many one way streets!)

I imagine I was trying to go the wrong way on a one way street (it seems like I was), because I got honked at. And if you know me at all, you know that not only do I have IBS, but I have a nervous stomach, as well; so a interview generally makes me feel nauseated on top of everything else. Oh and guess what? PMSing since TUESDAY! I didn’t feel like I had to go to the bathroom, I didn’t really feel like I was going to throw up, but you’d better believe I was crying my ass off! (I probably would’ve been crying anyway, because that’s generally what I do when I think I’m lost; but today, I felt like crying even before I started having navigation issues, which leads me to blame PMS.)

Anyway, I turned a few times and finally found my way to a gas station on the corner of…Goddess Only Knows and westbound M43. I had to pee and I wanted to stop and collect myself (which I couldn’t do on the street, because there are parking meters everywhere). I got back there and saw that the restrooms were for customers with purchases only, but I simply thought, “I’ll do the right thing and buy something on my way out.” (It probably helped that I looked like I’d been crying, because the clerk didn’t make me buy anything first.) So I got myself together, grabbed a diet coke out of the cooler and when I paid for it, the clerk asked me if I was okay. (I could tell I was in downtown Lansing, because he was behind bulletproof glass!) I told him what was going on and he said, “Bad interview?”, at which point I confessed that I hadn’t even made it to the interview. So he reminded me to call and say I wasn’t going to make it (which I did) and told me to let him know if I needed any help.

I’d like to tell you that I got onto 43 and made it back to West Lansing safely, whereupon I could run the errands I’d planned for after the interview, but you know how my stories go…

Westbound 43 is Oakland Avenue. There is construction on Oakland Avenue. The detour takes you round and about…and unceremoniously dumps you on Walnut Street. Which screws you big time if you’re not familiar with the area and don’t have a detailed map of Lansing with you.

You’ve heard me mention my uncanny sense of direction a few times…well, a few turns later, I land at a stop sign and I see the Consumer’s Energy “mini headquarters”¹ in front of me. Consumer’s Energy is on Willow Street. Willow Street turns into Willow Road, which runs parallel to Saginaw Highway. And Saginaw, as you know…might as well be Cochran for me, as often as I shop, eat and work at various locations along that corridor. (Only thing I haven’t done is live along Saginaw…but if you go back in time to the few periods I’ve worked full time, my then-self would probably disagree with you.)

The rest went as it should. Well…except for the part where I had to call my father and say, “How much further can I drive your car after the low gas light comes on?” (I fill up on half a tank as often as possible. Getting down to a quarter makes me uncomfortable and the low gas light? Makes me say my prayers!) I’m thankful that my next stop was the coin shop, where I sold my dad’s Oldsmobile knife for $45 (it had gold in it); and I’m also thankful that Premier Coins and Collectables is just a hop, skip and a jump away from the nearest Speedway station, ’cause you’d better believe I put some of that knife money in the gas tank! (Glad to know that $20 can still get you half a tank in this town, even when it’s $3.75 a gallon.)

After that? I had a few things to pick up for our family gatherings this weekend and then I went home to hold up my end of the cleaning bargain. Cleaning. Fun. xP


¹ CE’s actual headquarters are in Jackson, but since this campus houses a call center, billing services, a launch point for power trucks and heaven knows what all else, I find it fit to call it “mini HQ”.

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