It’s after 1a, so it’s time to play “K.I.S.S. the Blog” (or “Keep it Simple, Stupid [While Blogging]”).

I’m 99.9% sure I’m giving up on plan B. It looks like most graduate schools get about 90 kabillion applications each year and only accept three. So that’s it for my dreams of becoming a psychologist. (Okay, if I have to avoid exaggerations…last year, Central had over a hundred applicants and they offered admission to eleven. Five attended.)

There is a microscopic (read: .00001%) chance that I might still be able to pull off plan A. But I’m not getting my hopes up.

So it’s off to plan C. Except I found a hitch in plan C. (Mother Goddess…don’t I always find a hitch in everything? Maybe that’s supposed to be my career! *super raspberry*)

After finishing my RN (and getting in whatever patient contact hours I needed), I was going to try to get into the University of Michigan’s midwifery program.

Except you can only get into their MSN program with a BSN. (And no, they won’t let you get in with another degree. That’s in the FAQ list.)

UM has a “second career” BSN program, but guess what that requires? Orgo and biochem! (That’s worse than becoming a Naturopathic physician! At least there, only the Canadian schools require biochem, and that’s for a doctorate!)

Fortunately, the Michigan Department of Community Health has a list of nursing programs, so it was as simple as, “Who has one close by that may not be too hard to get into or take too long?” Turns out Davenport University has a completion program (RN to BSN) and it can be accomplished online. I should think that some of my classes from Everglades would transfer, so that I could get done faster and…

I don’t want to go through the effort of getting a second degree (however excited I was about it at OC), but at least with Davenport, I can do it online. Besides, becoming a midwife is something I really want (I was going into women’s health and Naturopathic obstetrics when I was going for my ND, if you remember), so I believe it’s time to trot out the old saw: “if the ends justify the means”…

We’ll see.

Right now, all I want to do is stop declaring my major to the world and say, “I’ll let you know about the time I finally have the degree in hand.” 😛

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