I will not whine…

I finally heard back from LCC today. It takes six. weeks. to process an appeal.

I’m sorry…did I give you the impression that I had absolutely no fucking desire to attend your school any time before, say, the first of never?!

I guess it’s my own fault. Nursing has been my plan C for a while now, but I put too much stock in getting accepted to Pepperdine or at least trying to get accepted to other schools, so I didn’t file the appeal immediately after applying to Pepperdine. Way to prepare the back-up plan to my back-up plan, right?

There are other nursing schools in the state of Michigan (some of which have “second degree” programs), but–in my opinion–after August 1, you’re in the dead zone.¹ At that point, you should be accepted, enrolled, have your financial aid straightened out (or almost straightened out) and be registered for classes. August 1 and later, by the time you get everything in order and go to register for classes, they’re all filled up and there are only two and three places left in the most obscure classes that most people don’t need. Not to mention that nursing is a highly competitive field and…well, I guess there is no “and”. If you’re not in way in advance, forget it.

The title of the post comes in telling myself that I will not whine by saying, “I have to give up my dream the idea of going into nursing.”

No giving up necessary. Defaulting on your student loans isn’t permanent, after all. When you’re financially capable of paying on them, you can go back and do so. Paying on your loans will get you out of default and you can go back to school. (I think you still have to report whether you’ve ever defaulted when you apply for loans, but I should think that if you’re not actively in default, you’d be fine.)

So I just have to delay my career plans a while. “Delay” is an evil word for a dreamer like me, but it’s a normal part of life–everything doesn’t run smoothly every time, no matter how much we’d like it to. I’m working on an application for a job with the state (have it open in another window, in fact) and I really hope I get it. Good pay, good benefits, a chance to get my own car (with working a/c!) and a chance to move out of the house before the deadline. Plus I’d be able to pay on my students loans until I could finally get into LCC and get an in-school deferment.

If you have a few spare prayers lying around for a girl like me, I could sure use ’em…


¹ The only exception to this rule is/are schools/programs that have rolling enrollment, like my alma mater and (apparently) Davenport’s BSN completion program. I don’t know about Davenport, but with Everglades, if you didn’t get in at the beginning of a semester, no problem–classes changed every four weeks and you could slip in then.

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