Catching up with…myself…

Had a really bad time of it, earlier this week. I won’t go into detail about what happened (not entirely comfortable about making it public), but let’s just say that I did something I hope I never have to do again. Oh, yes…and I’m not talking to my mother again. (Big surprise </sarcasm>. I shouldn’t have started talking to her again in the first place.)

Well, even though it says on Davenport’s website that their pre-licensure program is competitive, I’m willing to give it a shot. It’s my second bachelor’s degree, I’ve already studied medicine (alternative, not allopathic, but still) and I’m driven to get it done. The best part is, there is work out there for registered nurses. Lots of applicants for each position, I’m told, but isn’t it the same for every job in Michigan these days? In fact, I saw an ad the other day that said Oaklawn Hospital was looking for labor/delivery nurses. Right up my alley…if I was already an RN. (I hear that when they get a position in the maternity ward, nurses don’t want to leave…but it’s something to aspire to, anyway.) Anyway, why not take a chance with me? I’m a good student, I can handle a hybrid program (at least, I hope I could hybridize this program)…*shrugs*

You already know about my post-nursing school plans, so let’s fast forward to my friend saying, “You know, if you go to U of M, I won’t talk to you anymore.”

Really, B? Having been a Michigan State fan all my life, I get the whole rivalry thing…but I don’t get being petty. (I’m sure he was just teasing, but still…)

Look at it in practical terms: Wayne State has no on-campus housing.&sup1; And the only other option is some private school that probably isn’t even accredited. But if I go to the University of Michigan, I’ll have great professors and the luxury of having a hospital on campus. How better to get hands-on experience as a midwife than to work at the acclaimed&sup2; UM hospital?

Oh, and at some point, I want to earn my master herbalist designation. I don’t know how, considering there aren’t really schools for that sort of thing&sup3;, but…it’s a goal of mine.


I promised myself that even though I knew I was going to sleep in, I wanted to devote today to Breathless. I feel like bragging that I’m going to finish the manuscript by the end of the year jinxed my progress, because I feel like I’ve hardly gotten anywhere since I said that. So do you think I actually spent thirty to sixty minutes with my novel this afternoon?

Of course not! I spent the afternoon flagging pages in my herb books, instead.

For some reason, I’ve decided I want to write an illustrated (read: stock photo-filled) book about herbs that combine both magickal and medicinal uses. (Entitled The Herbalist’s Guide to Magick and Medicine)

I have no idea why. I’m already fourteen chapters into the first draft of my second novel and I’ve had ideas for the third novel bubbling around in the back of my brain for months. Why on Earth would I want to add a second book to my already full plate? Especially when I keep feeling like I should be a master herbalist before trying to write that sort of book.

To be fair, I’m not actually writing the book yet…I’m just going through the herb books I have and assembling the table of contents, the index and the glossary. (Starting to assemble, on the last two.) At this point, the purpose of assembling the ToC is just to have an alphabetized list of herbs I want to include in the book. When I get to the actual writing (which I hope to force myself to delay until I’m “simmering” Breathless) is when I plan to do my research (whatever is necessary beyond what I can cull from my books), look for stock photos of each of the plants/trees/fruits, etc.

That’s pretty much my life, for now. No interviews lately, but Davenport told me last night that they can get me into work study, so maybe I’ll have a positive cash flow in the next few weeks. (If the pay and hours are like they were at Olivet, it won’t be much money, but it’s better than nothing!)


&sup1; I realize that by the time I get my act together to enroll in a midwifery program, I might be making enough money in a nursing position that I can afford to share an apartment near Wayne State, but right now, I’m planning based solely on my current circumstances.

&sup2; If you’re not from Michigan, let me tell you that whenever someone has a major medical emergency, they’re airlifted to the University of Michigan. Major test? UM. Other major medical-related thing going on? UM. My blood may run Spartan green, but it would be an honor and a privilege to work/study at such a hospital.

&sup3; There are programs out there, but I feel highly suspicious of some of them. One I looked at last night included a coloring book, with which the site said you could improve your knowledge of human anatomy. (Insert Seth Meyers saying: Really?) Another offers an iridology program. I don’t believe in iridology…I think it’s complete hokum. The only good one out there (in my opinion) isn’t even a program…the National University of Natural Medicine (accredited!) offers herbalism electives that you can take as part of your Naturopathy studies. (Oh, for the days when I thought I was going to be a Naturopathic physician!)

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