A bit on America’s Got Talent…

I just wanted to dash off a quick entry about my position on the West Springfield Dance Team. (I thought of doing this on TwitLonger, but decided that it warranted an actual blog entry.)

I’m sure they’re nice kids and everything, but they creep. me. OUT! I guess I don’t like them because they rub me the wrong way…and, when it comes down to it, I think they put the storyline, makeup and costumes before the actual dance.

I like the idea of putting darkness into what is generally considered a happy sport/art…I’ve contemplated it myself a few times. (The concept I’ve come up with has to do with a fan fiction piece I wrote, in case you’re wondering…one which centers around a couple of Criminal Minds episodes. So that should say something in and of itself.) But I don’t like the idea of centering a whole group around darkness and I definitely don’t like the idea of focusing more on the concept than the dance.

WSDT is a decent group. And that’s it. I tweeted that I hope the Miami All Stars, Fatally Unique and Snap Boogie give them a run for their money and I absolutely mean it. Fatally Unique is a group of talented dancers with a style all their own. Snap…well, if I tried to put him into adjectives, I fear I’d be woefully under-describing him. And MAS, you must know I love, because I keep tweeting about them and to them. They are sharp and hot and make me want to find my Principe Azul and take salsa lessons post-haste! *blush, giggle*

To be honest, I think WSDT only made it through because of the whole Joker/Heath Ledger thing. Think about it seriously for a moment…one week, they’re on the chopping block for the judges to make or break and the next, they’re the first act put through to the semi finals? What else could it possibly be?

On a side note, I think the magician is on his way out. Magicians do. not. make it. on AGT and they really ought to stop trying. Anyone who thinks they can out-perform people who are “names” in the magic world–like Kevin James, Brett Daniels and the Pendragons (fucking legends!)–is completely and utterly delusional. If a couple who is in the freaking magic HISTORY books can’t get very far, what makes you think you’re any better?

P.S.: Principe Azul is “Prince Charming” in Spanish. Or at least that’s what I’ve been told.

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