Through a Glass Darkly

There are a lot of things in this world that make me shake my head and sigh (or make me sick, to some degree), but this article–to me–is beyond the pale. (Although it sure goes a long way in explaining to me why cyberbullying is so effective.)

I grew up in a world where teenagers got on the internet solely to play games, check their email and maybe interact with friends via instant messenger or chat rooms. MySpace didn’t take off until I was in high school (or thereabouts) and Facebook didn’t open to the general public until 2006. (Does anyone remember that you used to have to have an academic email address to sign up with Facebook, or is it only me?) There was none of this “I have to run home and take a new profile picture and show the world how beautiful I am” or “I get extremely depressed if I don’t get a million likes on my pictures”.

Really, people? Have we become that shallow?

Someone, whether Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez–whoever the hell kids trust these days–needs to sit down and explain that looks aren’t everything!

When you get into the real world, no one gives a flying fuck about how beautiful your profile picture is or whether your pictures have fifty billion likes. No one in the real world races home to snap a new profile picture every day and most adults with half a brain in their heads don’t post every alcohol-fueled moment on Facebook, just to prove that they were there and they were “awesome”.

(Okay, there was probably a lot more to this rant at one time, but I went and watched Jordyn Wieber kick ass at the national gymnastics tournament and I think I stopped caring!)

Bottom line: sick. Absolutely and completely sick.

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