I’m a Racist Activist

I don’t usually post two blogs in one night, but when I’m cheesed, I’m cheesed.

I don’t understand why everyone at Michigan State University is making such a big, hairy deal about someone writing “No niggers, please 🙂 ” on someone’s dry erase board.

I mean, seriously…we live in an era of people drawing penises on the dry erase boards of others, decorating them with profanity and other insults and we suddenly care about this? Personally, I have no problem blowing it off as another incident of “college-age bullshit”.

Yes, I realize the term “nigger” is racially and socially charged, has a long history that includes violence and so on and so forth…but really? How is this not just another incidence of college bullshit? We can let sororities at what are supposed to be Christian schools drink behind the backs of the administration and pay strippers to come in and entertain potential pledges, but this gets our attention?

So say it was meant seriously and it wasn’t “college-age bullshit”…why are people freaking about this and not a hundred and one little issues nationwide? If you’re going to freak out over this, freak out over underfunded schools…freak out over poor graduation rates…freak out about underage drinking…freak out about people breaking campus rules with all of the rest of the students turning a blind eye. But don’t you dare cherry-pick your issues. Tackle it all or ignore it all–otherwise, you’re doing nothing more than putting a fresh coat of paint on a decrepit house.


What earned me the title of “racist” by someone on Twitter tonight, was the fact that I called “people of color” whiny.

Hate to break it to you, but a lot of them are.

The “poor me…my people are sooo tortured” card has been played so long, it’s amazing it’s not falling apart in their hands. It seems like lots of black people (or at least black leaders) are always racing to their podiums and decrying this that and the other thing. Some of them are sitting in their churches and praying their asses off and wondering why their god won’t help them. People, there is a reason why there’s a saying that goes “god helps those who help themselves”!

What happened to the days of Rosa Parks refusing to sit in the “colored section” of the bus? What happened to the days of the Million Man March on Washington and the thousands of people marching on Selma, Alabama and everywhere else? So maybe it’s “racist” to ask why black people aren’t getting off their asses and doing something like the old days. So what? If I’m “racist” for asking, “Would Rosa Parks be happy with the current situation in the black community? Would Martin Luther King, Jr.? Would any of the other famous names of days gone by?” then let me be racist. I have no problem being called racist over wanting black people to get off their asses like they did in times past.

If you have a problem–whatever your color–don’t sit there and whine and wait for someone to do something. Take action for yourself. The world isn’t going to change by talk alone.

P.S.: If you caught my rant on Twitter, when I said “people of color”, I meant black people. Last I checked, Latinos were doers, not whiners. And I don’t know much about the racism in regards to Asians, etc. (except for maybe a little in regards to post-9/11 racism), so I can’t accurately judge.

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