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I wish I could say that this blog is just about my writing. But it’s not.

I tried that once, you know…a blog for my writing and a blog for my personal life. But I got tired of switching back and forth and it often seemed like I hardly posted in the writing blog, so I just cut down to one.


I’m back to the tablet races, as it were.

Originally, I thought I’d never have much money for a tablet…I probably wouldn’t be able to afford one for many years to come; maybe after I set up my midwifery practice or got a sizable book advance. I figured the best I could hope for would be to buy a Nook and jailbreak it so that I could have an economical Android tablet for around $150 less than the cheapest tablet from any other brand.

Now I find out that I might be coming into a little more money than I expected, which means I can probably shell out for an actual tablet. The question is, which one do I choose?

I researched several models earlier this year and decided that, if I had the money, a BlackBerry PlayBook would probably be my best bet. CNet seemed very favorable in its review and I own a Bold, so I could easily bridge from my phone to the tablet. But I re-read CNet’s review this evening and the PlayBook doesn’t seem appealing as it once did.

So my mind automatically turned to the iPad 2. The iPad seems to be the most popular out there (everyone I see with a tablet seems to have one) and having had an iPod Touch 4G last fall, I thought I’d probably like having an iPad. But when I posted a “wonder” to my Facebook wall, my friend Amber said “not an iPad…I don’t recommend it”. She didn’t go into details, so I wrote back and asked why…still waiting for an answer.

If a PlayBook isn’t all that fabulous and iPads aren’t great either (despite seemingly everyone on the planet having one these days), I guess that leaves me with the Galaxy Tab from Samsung. But CNet’s review wasn’t very favorable on the Tab, so I don’t know what to think.

Actually, I do know what to think. Verizon sells all three, so I think I’m going to march my ass down there when the time comes and say, “Which one do you recommend and why?” That’s the best way.

School is…going.

I loathe medical terminology and ask myself every week why I bothered to take it–outside of the fact that it was recommended to me last fall and I needed another class, of course. I can never seem to remember what I’m supposed to remember every week and I hate having a class where you have to spell your answers perfectly or it’s marked down.

A friend on another site asked what the point was in taking such a class, seeing as I was studying alternative medicine. First, I had to correct her on what I was studying. (I already have a degree in alternative medicine, as you might know, and am now working my way into nursing.) Second, while heavy on terms dealing with tests, surgical repair, etc., med terms also deals with illnesses of various parts of the body. So in reality, I probably should’ve had this class as an undergrad–despite the fact that it wasn’t offered by my school.

Nothing wrong with introduction to diagnostic medical imaging, though. The quizzes are short and untimed, the material is fascinating (and mercifully brief) and I have (or shortly will have) an A in that class. How can I complain?

Work, however, is in a holding pattern.

I won’t specify where I work, despite the fact that I’m only holiday help. Never know when I might want to rant…and I wouldn’t want to get into trouble.

Well, it should probably be “where I will work”. See, I got hired after my interview on Thursday, but the business manager (or whatever she is) who is in charge of scheduling orientation and training was gone by the time I walked out at 5:30–despite the fact that I heard her say she wasn’t leaving ’til six.

So I waited patiently all day Friday, thinking that she would call when she came into work the following day. No call.

Monday afternoon, I called and reached “T”, who said that the computers had gone down over the weekend and that her assistant wasn’t able to fill out the necessary requisitions for the holiday help. The holiday associates can’t be oriented until they’re in the system and T had a conference call coming up at three, so she hoped to get it done later that afternoon, that evening, or sometime on Tuesday.

Today is Wednesday. I spoke to “C”, who told me that T would call me Friday and tell me when it was I would be oriented and trained. Friday. More than a week after I was hired.


I hate being in that nasty little spot where you’re not technically unemployed, but you’re sure as hell not drawing a paycheck, either.

Where the hell did my writing abilities go? Did I finally burn out? I mean, I wrote a pretty decent poem the other day, but what the hell happened to my novel? I’ve worked on it maybe once in the last two or three weeks!

This morning, I talked to my new friend Jamie until 1:45, so I was too tired to even think about writing.

Tuesday morning–mercifully–I wrote. Almost the entire front of one piece of paper.

Monday morning? I had a fresh sheet of paper with the chapter header on it and the date that chapter took place up in the corner and nothing. No words, no thoughts…nothing. I can’t tell you the last time I stared at a blank page and nothing came. It just doesn’t happen to me! (I think the only reason I was able to write yesterday morning was because I looked at a…certain set of pictures for inspiration.)

Before that? Two, two and a half weeks since I’d written.

Being sick was a legitimate excuse, but I’m in a lot better shape now. In fact, if it wasn’t for the occasional food stuck in my throat and the fact that I think my stomach would raise holy hell if I tried to stop taking Prilosec, I’d say I was all better. But that’s beside the point.

Did I finally burn out? I suspected it was heading in that direction. It’s like that epic fit I had when my mother criticized me just blew away all my desire to write and that was the end.

So much for becoming a famous novelista…

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