There are two kinds of praise you can get from your mother: “mom praise”, the sort of praise you get just because she’s your mother and “real praise”, which is exactly what it sounds like. Tonight, I–happily–got the latter.

My mom was the one that brought up Meet Ophelia this time and she said the same thing she said last time; that she wishes I would have fleshed it out more. This time, I remembered to point out to her what I think I mentioned here several entries ago–that it was written with the idea that the reader was familiar with canon, so I skipped over a lot of that material to avoid redundancies. Once that was said, my mother finally acknowledged that that could be her problem…that she wasn’t completely familiar with canon.

That aside, my mother told me that she liked the way I put the words together and…well, she seemed to have trouble properly describing how she felt about my writing. So I guess that’s a good thing. Bottom line, it felt like she was really impressed by my writing and it wasn’t just “mom praise”.

Which makes me feel good…

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