36 Stupid Actors…One VERY Angry Dayanara

Bet you never thought you’d hear me say this in a sentence: I am sick with rage. And it’s all James Remar’s fault.

Yup, that’s right…one of my famous rants is headed your way, ladies and gentlemen, and my sweetheart is the target. Step back, sit down and buckle up!



If you’re the sort of person who keeps an ear to the Hollywood ground (or just follows Seamus Dever [of Castle]), you might be aware of the fact that the Screen Actors’ Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists are looking at merging. But have you heard this? http://www.variety.com/article/VR1118050595

That’s right…my “boyfriend” and a bunch of his Hollywood buddies are trying to stop the vote to merge SAG and AFTRA.

How does this affect me? My friend Keely, a sometime actress and voiceover artist (and disciple of David H. Lawrence XVII–the creepy puppemaster from Heroes) is in AFTRA. And I was really excited at the prospect of her joining SAG, because I knew that would open tons of doors for her and greatly affect her livelihood. So my sweetheart is (indirectly) attacking people like Keely…and that feels like an attack on me.

Seamus said that it’s because a lot of the actors have never worked in television, so they have no idea how a SAG/AFTRA merger might affect AFTRA members.

My response?

If it’s truly an issue of “they don’t work in TV and don’t know any better” then James Remar has no fucking business signing on the dotted line. I know he started in movies, but his primary source of income is now in television. He should be thinking about the consequences of his actions on his coworkers.

I tried to convince myself that he decided to join the lawsuit after thinking about it a long time and coming to a well-reasoned conclusion. But now I’m not so sure.

Isn’t it a nice little gift to his Dexter buddies that might not be in the Screen Actors’ Guild? How about what a great “thank you” it must be to all the people he’s worked with every time he’s guest starred on a show? And what kind of example is he making for his children, especially Jason, who has stuck his toe into the pools of both acting and modeling?


Okay, so maybe my ardor has cooled a little since I first heard the news around 2:30. But I’m still pissed at Jamie and want to put my foot in his ass for making such a boneheaded decision.

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