Clever Failures

Watching Sex and the City 2 for the second time brought to mind an idea I had for an SatC fan fiction that never went anywhere. (Probably because there wasn’t actually a plot to it…it was just a concept, and kind of a skewed/weird one at that.)


The original concept had Richard Wright building a casino somewhere near metro New York and Samantha sees signs for it everywhere, which drives her nuts. Finally, even though she knows she’s playing with fire, Sam decides to go see Richard to offer PR services…or whatever he needs. 😉

When she arrives in his office, Sam discovers a young woman who is bending over Richard’s desk, working on something with him. Her tie is loose and the top of her blouse is open, revealing a golden necklace. Her sleeves are rolled up as well, revealing a pair of golden bracelets. When Richard notices Sam, he dismisses the girl–but not before reminding her to button her collar and roll down her sleeves. Sam, however, catches on instantly–these aren’t just “bracelets” and a “necklace”, they’re cuffs and a collar! Richard is in a Master/slave relationship and it freaks. Samantha. OUT!

Richard explains that the girl’s name is Mira Ame and she’s a blackjack dealer for his new casino. He agrees that Mira is his slave and I think in one or two versions of the story, Richard and Mira have been engaged anywhere from three to five months. Which–of course–shocks the hell out of Sam, because she thought he was never going to settle down.

(Mira’s name is a joke, by the way. I decided her name should be Mira and then decided on “Ame” for a surname, because “mira a me” is Spanish for “look at me!” Which is precisely what I want Sam–and every man with a heartbeat–to do. 😉 )

I never got much beyond that central idea. I know I’d planned for a part where Sam catches Mira in a gold bikini (and cuffs and collar) giving Richard a lap dance, but I don’t know if I ever decided whether that scene was supposed to be a nightmare or if Sam actually caught them doing it.


Now I’m thinking that if there’s a third movie (like it’s been suggested there might be), they should bring Richard back and give Samantha one last crisis–one that sends her over the edge. I’m thinking a real mindfuck…taking her back, screwing her, acting like they’re finally going to settle down…and then really ripping her apart by saying that he doesn’t love her after all…that he’s been seeing a twenty-seven year old on the side (Mira) and they have a Master/slave relationship in the bedroom and he’s already proposed to her. (Or maybe that he’s really close to proposing to her…close enough that he can drive a dagger through Sam’s heart by showing her the ring.)

I don’t know why I want to pull Samantha down so badly. I guess it’s just jealousy over Kim and Jamie getting to cuddle and mess around (however fictional) and it makes me want to stick it to Samantha in retaliation.

(Honestly, though, there’s no reason to be jealous. You can plainly see in 4.13 that he’s not “interested” in her. And I genuinely think that Kim would be happy for us, if the gods brought Jamie and I together.)

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