Words with My Words

Dear Words,

You have some explaining to do. In fact, I’d like some answers right now.

You know I’ve developed an infatuation (however temporary…hence the term “temporary insanity”) with Eric Roberts.

Now, I don’t mind the fact that you went AWOL last year when I developed that infatuation with Jeremy Irons. I didn’t want to write poetry about him, anyway. (Or stories, either, apparently.) But you know I want to put words on paper about Eric, because you’ve been supplying me since the eighteenth so I can write League of Lost Souls.

So what gives?

I know we haven’t been the best of friends in regards to Jamie. I mean, you’ve supplied me with tons for my novels and fan fiction (I’m starting to think all the novels for the rest of my life will have young women marrying men old enough to be their father), but when it comes to poetry, you’ve slacked off. I swear that I’ve written about three times as many poems about Val than I ever have about Jamie. I give you the fact that I was crazy for Val for an entire decade before I gave up on him, but come on! What is wrong with you? I actually love Jamie, for fuck’s sake! Can’t I have a little more poetry about him? Just for my collection, if not actually for him?

And what’s with this?

New man, new method of expression?

Get with the times!


You know what, Words? Maybe you’re right.

Maybe I don’t want your help.

Goddess forbid there’s anything left to read when this little crush is said and done.

Guess that means we’re still friends.





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