Love in Many Languages

Just in case you were wondering how to say “I Love You” in various languages…

(This post is dedicated to my good friend–and recently instated SAG-AFTRA member–Keely. 🙂 )


P.S.: I know you could look these up yourself–especially when there are sites with lists longer than this–but you’d deprive me of the fun I get out of using Google Translate. xD (Although some I had to go outside of Google for.)

P.P.S.: Those with asterisks (*) may not be correct, as Google lists them as “alpha”. Double asterisk (**) means I’m not sure the pronunciation is correct.



Afrikaans: Ek is Lief vir Jou

Albanian: Unë Të Dua

Arabic: Ana Behibek (to female), Ana Behibak (to male)

*Armenian: Yes k’yez sirum yem

Asturian: Quiérote

Basque: Maite Zaitut

Belarusian: Ja ciabie kachaju

Bengali: Āmi Tōmāẏa Bhālōbāsi

Bulgarian: Obicham Te

Catalan: Et Vull, T’estimo

Chinese (Mandarin): Wǒ Ài Nǐ (as it reads**)

Croatian: Volim Te

Czech: Miluji Tě

Danish: Jeg Elsker Dig (Ye el-skir dee**)

Dutch: Ik hou van jou

Estonian: Ma Armastan Sind

Filipino: Mahal Kita

Finnish: Minä Rakastan Sinua (Mih-neh Rock-a-stah Sin-you-ah**)

French: Je T’aime (Jeh tehm–the j should have a sort of z sound)

Galician: Quérote

*Georgian: Me Shen Miqvarkhar

German: Ich Liebe Dich (Eek lee-bah deek**)

Greek: Se Agapó̱

*Gujarati: Manē Tamē Prēma

*Haitian Creole: Mwen Renmen Ou

Hindi: Maiṁ āpasē pyāra karatī hūm̐

Hungarian: Szeretlek

Indonesian: Aku Cinta Kamu

Irish: Is tú mo ghrá (Iss to m’graw–the g sound is really soft. It should sound like you’re saying “raw”, but with a hint of g on the front.)

Italian: Ti Amo (Tee ah-mo**)

Japanese: Aishiteimasu (Aye-ish-ee-tee-mus)

*Kannada: Ai Lav Yu

Korean: dangsin-eul salanghabnida

Latin: Te Amo

Latvian: Es Mīlu Tevi

Macedonian: Te Sakam

Norwegian: same as Danish

Polish: Kocham Cię (Cock-um chell**)

Portuguese: Eu Te Amo

Romanian: Te Iubesc

Russian: Ya Tebya Lyublyu

Slovak: Milujem ťa

Spanish: Te Amo [to your partner/lover/spouse/etc.] (Tay Ah-mo); Te Quiero [to everyone else] (Tay Key-air-oh)

Swedish: Jag älskar dig (Yo Al-scar Day**)

*Tamil: Nāṉ ai lav yū

Telugu: same as Kannada

Thai: C̄hạn Rạk Khuṇ

Turkish: Seni Seviyorum

Ukrainian: Ya Tebe Lyublyu





  • Afrikaans is the language spoken in South Africa.
  • Catalan is spoken in one of the northern regions of Spain, Cataluña. (Like Cataluña, Basque is also a language of northern Spain. So when you hear talk of “Basque separatists”, they mean rebels who want to be independent from the Kingdom of Spain.) Galician is another language of Spain–that’s why it looks so similar to actual Spanish. Asturian is also a language of Spain. (Remember that Prince of Asturias is the Spanish equivalent of the Prince of Wales [i.e. “Crown Prince”, so Asturian is important!)
  • Just a reminder that Georgia is also a country. Don’t try saying that to your southern relatives…they’ll look at you like you’re from outer space!
  • Unless I’m greatly mistaken, Gujarati is a language of India.
  • Hindi and Kannada are languages of India.
  • “Beloved” in Irish is “Mo Chroí” (mo kree). It shares a commonality with Spanish, in that “mo chroí” also means “my heart”. (The Spanish equivalent is “mi corazón” [sweetheart/my heart].)


For more languages than you could ever dream of, I recommend:

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