A Warning from the National Intelligence Agency
Kitra Vilhuelvier, Director


Escaped Inmate — To Be Considered Armed and Extremely Dangerous

Roberts, E.A.



The National Intelligence Agency, Los Angeles Field Office (NIA-LA) released an escaped inmate alert on Saturday, May 26, 2012 at 17:00 Pacific Daylight Time. The inmate in question, Eric Anthony Roberts, known to his friends and colleagues as “Eric”, was last seen in the custody of Supervisory Special Agent Eliza Roberts on Friday, May 25, 2012 at 23:47 Pacific Daylight Time. Roberts has been under the supervisory special agent’s personal supervision since August 16, 1992, although he has been occasionally seen in the care of NIA-LA Special Agent Emma Roberts since February 10, 2009.


Supervisory Special Agent Roberts has provided us with the following security stills of her missing inmate:


This escape is not an isolated incident–Roberts’s last reported escape was on March 3, 2009, seen here:


Roberts’s known associates are Keaton Simons (NIA-LA profile here) and Morgan Simons (NIA-LA profile here).


Roberts is not to be confused with Julia Fiona Roberts (in detention at the August-Osage County Correctional Facility, under the supervision of John Wells), or Lisa Roberts-Gillan, who is on extended probation with Detective-Sergeant Tony Gillan.



Roberts is to be considered armed and extremely dangerous and should not be approached unless absolutely necessary. If you see Eric Anthony Roberts, please contact Supervisory Special Agent Eliza Roberts or Special Agent Emma Roberts immediately; or contact your local authorities.





The National Intelligence Agency Thanks You for Your Cooperation

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