Charity Begins…in Miami

They say “charity begins at home”, but I really think charity begins in Las Vegas, heads over to an unidentified location somewhere between Oklahoma and Portland (Oregon, not Michigan) and lands squarely in Miami, where it–by all rights–probably should’ve been in the first place.


Confused yet?


I found out about the Celebrity Charity Challenge through Val, who was raising money for the Zelzah Shriners (I’m going to guess that’s his local Shriners chapter) and, friend that I am, I got on board once I understood what was going on. Then I understood a little more and realized that the superfan gets to meet his/her celebrity automatically and I had a one in Goddess-knows-how-many chance of being selected to be the fan that gets to come along…and I guess I was jealous. (Well, that and he’s not so high on the list of “Guys I Have the Hots For” anymore…) So I moved along.

Next, I decided to go after Chris Kane. I know the Kaniacs are a strong bunch and I chose the Susan G. Komen Foundation, knowing that he’d donated to them before and that SGKF was one of the most visible breast cancer charities out there. It worked for a while…we actually got up to 17th place. But then Labor Day came around and I guess people stopped voting or the other celebrities got more people to vote or something, because we slowly started sinking. And it was annoying,  because not only is Chris freaking hot, but I wanted to win…and I think I wanted to trample all over Val and the other celebrities, too. (Good sportswoman, aren’t I? HA!) So I jumped ship again.

(Side Note: Here’s a promo I shot with my webcam for “Kaniacs4theCure”. It’ll give you an idea of what I’ve been getting into.)


Why did I pick the Miami All Stars as my celebrities? I…don’t know. That’s a very good question! I just know that as soon as I started getting annoyed, I started thinking that if I changed, I wanted the All Stars to be the recipients of my generosity. The next thing I knew, I was tweeting Sean and texting him and…it blossomed from there!

Sean and two other All Stars, Kat and Joey are the chief organizers for the group and they also have their own webshow, The Say What Show. Last night, the three of them got together and brainstormed while I was up here in Michigan, staring off into space in my paralegal class. (Sounds like they had more fun!) Anyway, the starting point is going to be a promotion fest on Twitter with the Miami All Stars, the Untouchables and probably every member of Dancetown that they can get to tweet along with them. (We just have to get past Thursday, so we can get the full “dance power” in our corner! Go Untouchables!) The three of them are also going to work together to create a promo video (which I imagine will probably appear on SWS) for our cause (Miami-Dade Special Olympics, if you haven’t seen it on Twitter) and they’re even going to interview me via Skype. (Glad I got my hair cut and colored today…can’t imagine appearing for my big interview looking scruffy! *chuckle*)

The rest is a little more tenuous. Sean’s supervisor is on the Special Olympics board and they’re going to have a meeting tomorrow morning, so he’ll try to bring it up then. Hopefully, the board will get involved and make their own promos, and it could even get as big (if I understand correctly) as stories on the local news and maybe even in the Miami Herald! (Yes, I have been to Florida…how can you tell? xD )

That not good enough? Okay, how about: before getting on America’s Got Talent, the first telegenic couple Dancetown produced (D’Angelo and Amanda) appeared on Paula Abdul’s Live to Dance and won. Since then, Paula has been crazy for the Miami All Stars and the Untouchables (I’ve seen the retweets) and they seem to have a connection with her…so it might only take one little phone call and Paula Abdul and all her Twitter followers will be on our team like that! *snaps her fingers* (Never really been interested in her, but I know darn well she has Star Power [like Michael Jackson, one friend said], so she would be a Very Valuable Asset. The other teams will be toast!)



Stay tuned, my loves…the best is yet to come!

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