Competing with…Myself?

I guess this was bound to happen. You put two horses in the same race and you’re certain to end up competing with yourself at some point. *shakes her head*

Early on, it was no problem. MAS were so far down that we weren’t anywhere near Chris, and I figured that by the time we got up that far, he’d continue to slowly sink and we wouldn’t have an issue passing him.

Not quite.

Last night I was neck-and-neck…with myself. MAS occupied the 33rd spot and Chris the 32nd. I thought, “Hey…we just need a little cheering here and we’ll be up and over Chris in no time! (And he’ll stay there or keep sinking, so I don’t have to worry about getting in trouble with the administrators for having two candidates running.)”

No, that didn’t do it, either.

I don’t remember where Chris was when I woke up this morning, but MAS has stayed firmly in 33rd all day and Chris has risen back to 26th as of this writing.


I guess, as with any race, you have to wait until the results truly come in before you can decide who’s going to come out the winner. Obviously, at 26-33 (with a week to go), neither of my teams are going to make it this round.

But the next race? The next race should be interesting…

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