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So I griped about the King of the Nerds people not asking the contestants what they were reading, but I never said what was reading.




Anyway, I’m into Endless Highway for about the fifth time.

No, I’m not trying to win brownie points with Bobby (why the fuck do I always type “booby”?! Maybe I should just go back to calling him “Rob”)…I honestly dig this book out and read it at least once a year. (I keep it stowed in a trunk with the stuffed animals and figures I want to display when I have my own place…primarily because it’s so big.) If you’ve never read David’s autobio/memoir, you really ought to. He had a great sense of humor (either that, or what I think is funny is really not!) and it’s really interesting to look into nearly sixty years of his life, from all his projects, to his art, his hobbies and his myriad odd jobs before he hit the big time.

I said a few times after first reading it that I would like to see another family member write a book about the fourteen intervening years between the end of Endless Highway and his death, but now I’m starting to think otherwise. Yes, David’s Kill Bill diary was interesting (though not nearly as informative); nevertheless, I plunked down some money to read that steamy tell all that one of his exes wrote after his death and…well… (I should point out that I would never directly feed that bitch money…I bought it used and got rid of it through Paperback Swap when I was done.) I know a novelista should never say this, but some stories are better left untold.

Check back in the coming days for my take on episode two of KotN…including a complete nitpick of Curtis’s makeup and kimono.

(What kind of geisha nerd would I be without it?!)

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