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I never intended for the blog titles to match the episode titles, but I couldn’t come up with anything brilliant this week, so there you go…

I wanted to say, “This week, we got to see…*fancy blah blah*…cosplay.” but that’s not me. One, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably already seen the relevant episode (or, if you’re the fabulous Celeste or the super awesome Dr. Moo, lived through it–thanks for reading my blog!) and two, you know from last week that I tend to get straight to the point.


The Nerd War was an excellent foray into exactly what makes some nerds tick. As I said in the most recent episode post, I find cosplay fascinating, but since I’ve never been to any conventions (and don’t have any plans to go, now that Dexter is ending), I’ve never had the opportunity to do it. Forcing the players to come out of their shells and tell a story to go along with their costumes was also a good idea and receives my Novelista Seal of Approval.

I wanted to like the blue team (now Team Blextrophy) early on, because I think orange is an ugly color; nevertheless, the Servants of the Forsaken Orb have shown their chops yet again. But let’s forget how badly Blextrophy is doing for a minute. Instead, let us focus on the two nerds who seemed determined to drag themselves front and center this week: Virgil and Alana.

As my Oma says, Alana “doesn’t parse right”. It’s not that she has an associates and is therefore the low man on the academic totem pole (at least in comparison to the others)…it’s more that she just doesn’t seem to click with the rest of her team. I wanted to give her credit for jumping into Virgil’s shit this week (I, too, would bitch and slap silver shin guards on him), but she lost it when she went to SFO for help in preparing for the Nerd-Off. I understand that she feels that she’s the outcast in Blextrophy and that she wanted some moral support in her preparation, but I wouldn’t have gone so far as to seek assistance from the other team. Not only is that disloyal–period–but you never know when the opposing team might not have your best interest at heart and will attempt to sabotage you without your knowledge. (If you’re thinking at this point that I’ve seen too much Survivor…I cannot disagree!)

Virgil is a dick. Plain and simple. Brandon might have avoided labeling him, but that’s because Virgil had already done the dirty work for him. You are a nerd you are supposed to be working on your costume, not wasting your time raiding the RadioShack room and getting into arguments with SFO! I can see why he needed help getting those shin guards on (not really do-able with a flat costume), but everything else should have been prepped and ready to go. I agree with Alana: “We’re going outside in ten minutes and you’re not ready yet?!

I wish Virgil had been put into the Nerd-Off this week. I HATE screamo with a passion, but I’ll tell you in no uncertain terms that I would’ve preferred another week of Jon’s screamo yells to Virgil’s attitude or Alana’s whining.



Brandon: New this week to the favorites list, Brandon caught my attention because of his sense of humor. Something with what he says or his jokes or…I’m not sure what (probably should’ve written this blog last night, before I subjected my mind to a fourth straight day of work)…but he makes the list this week. Especially for the runes on his necromancer’s robe. Real runes = nerdiness.

Celeste: I’m sorry you’re on Blextrophy. I really am. I can’t wait until the merge (assuming there’s going to be one?) because you’d be much better off competing with Moo and others of your mental capacity. That being said…what was going on with Miss Ruby? Based on your behind the scenes blog, I was pretty excited to see what you came up with, but you let me down! (Although you do score a few extra points for sending plastic darts whizzing past the judges!)

Moogega: You already know I’m in kind of a womance* with Moo. But oh…oh…OH! SFO’s whole fantasy storyline was just the best and when I realized that Moo had a shaman thing going on? Well, it reached down to my little Pagan heart and plucked every last string like a harp. I was definitely in love and wished that we could spend more time with Shadow Raven and the rest of the team. It felt so short!


Aaand…I’m dangling here. It’s early Monday morning. My mind is still blown from my “work week” (Thursday through Sunday). If I come up with anything else, I’ll post it.




*According to Urban Dictionary, “womance” is the feminine equivalent of “bromance”.

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