NERDS! (Midweek Edition)

I thought I’d toss around a few random thoughts that are floating through my mind…


When the show started–or just before–there was mention of a “twelfth nerd”, some sort of blogger/YouTuber/someone (female, I think) who was going to give us the inside scoop on the show. (Probably…I really never even paid attention.) Well, I just went looking for this “nerd” and there’s nary a mention on the TBS page anymore. Maybe they realized that the contestants are so young and connected that it was inevitable that their Twitter feeds and Facebook pages would heat up and take care of the background information and this nerd wasn’t needed anymore.

It’s kind of a shame, because if the position still existed, I thought it might be something I’d like to “audition” for. I enjoy watching the show, but I honestly couldn’t keep up with the amount of information from popular culture required to not only make the show, but to not fizzle within a week or two when competition starts. (As I mentioned before, I’m Jeopardy/literary sorts of geek.) But–as you can see–I do a decent job with writing and would probably have a lot of fun with the opportunity to officially blog about the second season of the show for TBS. (I could honestly function within a defined set of parameters for each show…my current entries are only as long as I have ideas for, which is why they fluctuate from week to week.) Nevertheless, if anyone wants to make a suggestion to the people at Turner, I wouldn’t be averse to it.


Moo has an IMDb page! *applauds with excitement and joy* I put in a request for it on January 23, so I’m glad to see they finally did something about it. I’m hoping they’ll process my updates just a little bit faster than that. (They may not accept her birth date, though, as I submitted a link to a twitter conversation we had as proof.)

Heartmom said she needs a picture on her page, but last I checked, IMDb charges something like thirty-five or more for one freaking picture. Terrible! Oma also suggested Wikipedia, but I shot that down. Out of the two that are out there, Danielle has been recommended for deletion and Virgil gets to keep his because there are several articles out there that mention him as a hacker. They did that to me, too…said I wasn’t famous enough and that even having Amazon reviews wouldn’t help me, because they were subjective or something like that. Pissed me right off and made me vow that when I become a notable author someday (and it will happen, even if I only have a niche following like my favorite authors), I’ll have my “people” ensure that I never have a Wiki page. If they don’t want to accept me when I’m a small-time novelista, they don’t get me later, either.


When I get my life a little more in order, I’m going to make a mini-Moo! I wanted a full size doll of the good doc, but prices have gone up twenty-two since the last time, so mini it is. They come three in a package, so I’m giving one to Oma and Moo has said she’ll take the third. If I get more interest (and enough people), I’ll place orders for multiples, so they’ll all look the same. (Can you imagine mini Moogegas spread throughout the world? HA! Nerdvana indeed!)

Mini-Moo’s hair might not be as fluffy as real life due to size constraints, but–having a full size already–I can promise you that they will do an excellent job and the dolls will be ours to love and cuddle (and send positive energy through, in my case) for years to come. Here’s the one I have of my beloved Jamie:

(Taken on the day I got him…can you tell?)

I promise that as soon as I get things straightened out, I will let you know about ordering…and I’ll post a photo when I get her. 😀

The week is still ahead of us, beloved nerds! I was sick at this time last week (I have 2:22 on the clock and I was so nauseated, I couldn’t sleep! OI!) so I will have to do my best to take care of myself this week.

Have a good few days and I’ll see you on Friday (or Saturday) when I’m ready with the blog for “Nerdy Dancing”. Ciao!





P.S.: Hey, did you all let your nerd colors fly and support Bobby’s daughter Ever by watching this week’s episode of Bones? I did…and I have to chuckle, because now that my dad knows who “Lewis Skolnick” is, he always asks me to point Ever out when she shows up on something we’re watching. 😀

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