Nerdy Dancing

I don’t have very many critiques this week, because the nerds had a lot of professional help and–as quite often happens–the Nerd-Off was a matter of luck, not studying. So it will probably be short.

I liked both songs…they were each catchy in their own way. (I can also tell how good they were by the fact that they kept jumbling in my mind! I’d hear the hook to “Nerds are King” while the instrumental of “Talk Nerdy to Me” was playing in the background, for example.) And my girlcrush on Moo is definitely growing bigger, because not only did I think she was hot in her rap clothes (*embarrassed giggle*), but I think my favorite part of the whole song experience was her rap. <3

I definitely think that the Nerd-Off was fair and balanced. The trivia ones, you had to study for and if you didn’t study the right way, you were out of luck. The other challenges were based around luck, but also on dexterity (like when Brandon lost because he couldn’t control his golf cart). But this one was definitely balanced–you could either imitate what was on the screen or you couldn’t. No subjectivity about it.

I’m sorry to see Virgil go, but I can’t say I think it wasn’t inevitable. Yes, I wanted Danielle and Ivan to go, but I also knew that–despite how potentially wonderful Blextrophy’s song would be–it was almost certain they would lose, in which case Virgil would lose the Nerd-Off. I’m truly amazed at how much Viv doubted herself. Yes, she’d had very little experience with the game; but as I said before, it’s a matter of whether you can imitate the screen, not chance, not luck and not hinging upon studying.


Based on the fact that we’re in the merge and this week’s theme is “Enginerds”, we’ll probably see everyone building their own robot or something. The preview photo on Facebook looked like something was going to be blown up, and I definitely saw glass being broken in the preview at the end of last week’s show!

I have no idea what they’re going to do for the final week, because the episode title is “A King is Crowned”. Should be interesting!


Good luck to everyone trying out for next season! I wish I had the chops to join you!

Randomness of the Week — Six Degrees


(Garfunkel and Oates star) Kate Micucci <on Raising Hope with> Martha Plimpton <daughter of> Keith Carradine <older brother of> Robert Carradine…


I know I keep saying that this doesn’t work in the Carradine family, but fuck if I don’t love this British/Irish/Aussie phrase…



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