The Novelista Confesses

What good is a blog called Confessions of a Novelista if the novelista doesn’t confess? Here’s some random things you may or may not know about me, bulleted because they’re in no particular order.

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  • I decided to use the word “novelista” after “fashionista” became popular. Only later did I look at my dictionary and realize that “novelista” is Spanish for “novelist”.
  • I like low/mid fantasy. Garth Nix is great, Marion Zimmer Bradley is mostly okay. Tolkien? Forget it!
  • I’m a virgin. When I was twenty, I told a guy that I would only have sex with someone I loved. He laughed. I wonder how many STDs he’s had and pregnancies he’s caused, while at twenty-seven, I’ve had neither? (Meanwhile, I don’t mind saying that this is probably why my novels feature a lot of sex!)
  • My parents are divorced. That’s not really a secret (or a surprise) in a society where divorce is rampant. But I thought I’d throw that in there.
  • I’m a Calderon Romani (Kalderash Gypsy) by right of adoption. I consider myself a progressive–put down the stereotypes, avoid arranged marriages unless absolutely necessary for the good of the family/clan and married women only need wear headcoverings for formal events. Among other things. (Television shows and movies featuring my people are invariably rife with stereotypes and are therefore only good for the entertainment value–if you can stand to watch them that long!)
  • Lauren adopted me. My last cat died of an accidental poisoning in 2008 and I went to the humane society for a kitten. Lauren grabbed my right wrist, wrapped her paws around and proceeded to lick my palm. The result? “I WANT TO TAKE HER HOME!” *giggle*
  • I’m a Priestess of Isis. But I don’t mind being called a generalized Pagan for the sake of simplicity.
  • Bobby is my favorite Carradine. Did I mention that already? I “fell in like” when I saw him in Mom’s Got a Date with a Vampire. But his nephew Cade is definitely the hottest one. (Despite the fact that he smokes. YUCK!)
  • I love William James Remar. ( <—Captain Obvious)
  • I gave up my Xbox 360 and my DS a few years ago to give me more time to work on my novels. Does that degrade my “nerd cred”? Or does it simply change the elements of what makes up my nerd cred?
  • I play Neopets. My oldest account is eleven this year, but I can’t get into it. Usually, I play it for a few months, get bored, leave it for several, then come back and repeat the cycle. This time, I’m stuck in a “play period”, because a war started the other day and I want to earn another trophy for my account. (I’ve been earning trophies like crazy in the last few months, but I’m keeping the secret to that to myself.)
  • I tried WoW once and got incredibly lost and confused. That may hurt my geek cred, too; but I guess it’s a blessing, because it would probably vacuum up our bandwidth if I played it all the time.
  • I wrote Meet Ophelia after failing to land a role in Spider-Man 3. That’s a long story, one that appears in the annotated edition. (Which I have to get off my rear end and fix, so I can re-release it.) But I’ll retell it here if I get enough interest.
  • In the Spider-Man movie fandom, I consider myself a Classicist. That means I’m faithful to Raimi’s movies and refuse to see Webb’s (much as I think a guy named Webb directing Spider-Man movies is highly amusing). Nevertheless, as an established Osborn fan (have you read Meet Ophelia?), I’m curious to see what Dane DeHaan will do with the role of Harry. Chris Cooper, I’m not worried about so much, as I enjoyed him (repeatedly!) as Colonel Burwell in The Patriot. My biggest concern is that they’ll somehow decide to make Norman too nice…something he is not. Ever.
  • I don’t think Broken Road is very good. Yet it was the most popular when I had it available free on Amazon. So what do I know? That being said…
  • I’ve turned in papers that I felt aren’t all that great and I usually get an A. I tend to find that anywhere between amusing and hilarious. Nothing like feeling like it was a crappy piece and getting the ultimate reward for it.
  • I never thought I’d release a poetry anthology, despite having one of my favorite Jamie poems appear in a college literary review. Yet here I am with a fifty poem collection to my name and free copies sent to Kira Leyden-Andrea (lead singer of The Strange Familiar), Tim Hutton, Chris Kane (both formerly of Leverage) and Jamie.
  • I have a cousin who willingly pulls together the money to buy my latest book every time I release one. I always autograph it for her and we meet to eat, chat and browse Barnes & Noble. Everyone should have a cousin as wonderful as Katie. ^_^
  • I was asked about a sequel to Meet Ophelia a few months after its release. I want to write Emmeline, but I just can’t seem to pull together a cohesive problem/resolution storyline needed to tell the story of Norman and Emily’s marriage and subsequent divorce. I suppose it’s possible that I might write a novellette or novella for the annotation edition of Elizabeth, but right now, Emmeline is just a dream.
  • I’m roughing notes for the sequel to Meet Ophelia. As I mentioned in the last bullet, the title will be Elizabeth and it will take place fifteen years after the second epilogue. Beyond that, I’m unwilling to say.


If you have anything else you’d like to know about me, use the comment forum at the bottom of the page!

P.S. from 2018: He laughs at my worries.

Plus, I've read the synopsis on Wiki and learned that he was personally involved in the death of the Parkers! WHOA!

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