Announcement on “Meet Ophelia”

Meet Ophelia Now Ophelia
(Hardcover, Nook No Longer Available)


I had cover problems when I went to upload the revised text, so I decided to make a whole new cover. Then I decided if I have a new cover and a lot of corrections to the text, maybe I ought to make it a second edition. Since I’ve been considering a sequel to Meet Ophelia (entitled Elizabeth), I also considered the fact that I ought to re-title so that the original book will correlate with the new one. So when the second annotated edition comes out, Meet Ophelia will simply be called Ophelia.

As much as I loved having a hardcover edition of my first book, Lulu’s books are more expensive than Amazon and there is no “author’s discount”. Furthermore, in order to correct all the problems I found in the annotated edition, I would have to retire the original book, make a copy of the new manuscript, format it in Lulu’s 6×9 style (their 5×8 is ugly), upload the new text and cover and…no. Not happening. As for the Nook edition, I have had zero sales since last July, few people are buying Nooks since B&N eliminated sideloading (and Android is better, period–even I have one) and I don’t like the fact that I have to have a credit card on file “in case my returns exceed my sales”. (Amazon doesn’t do that.) So Nook is nil.

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