Satan ≠ Love



So one of the first things I’m hearing about Pope Francis is that he says not to discriminate against gays, but that gay adoption is unfair to children and that gay marriage is the work of Satan. Wow. Okay. How about I laugh my ass off at you?

First, I don’t believe in Satan. Which is nothing big. Pagans aren’t the only ones…Jews don’t, either. (Although there seems to be some argument with that, depending on whom you confer with.) Second, even if I did believe in Satan, I would certainly think he doesn’t like love. (*insert 90s-ish “oh puke” noises here*) Gay marriage his playground? Hardly!

You know what I think Satan would be into, if he existed? Divorce. “Haha! Let’s make these stupid little mortals get together, think they’re right for each other and get married. I can’t wait ’til they start ripping each other apart!” If Satan is the personification of evil, shouldn’t he, therefore, naturally oppose things like love? One night stands, rape, molestation, pedophilia, rough sex (rougher than standard BDSM practices, I mean)…all that nasty stuff, sure. But love? Pardon the pun, but hell no!

I don’t care what you say…love is natural. Love, compassion, happiness, forgiveness…these are the things that the deities of all religions promote; things that hold the world together. If Satan existed, he’d be on board for hate, greed, selfishness, anger, tears and holding a grudge. Not loving yourself and certainly not loving your neighbor. He probably would think homosexual love is as gross and terrible as the fundamentalists do. In my opinion, that’s the hilarious part. By working against gay marriage, you’re working against the greater evil, not the greater good.

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