Early Excerpt from “Elizabeth”

Apparently, I started working on a paragraph before I left wherein I was going to include Moo, but I’d simply forgotten where I left off. Anyway, I’ll repeat the warning of the title: this is from the very first draft of the very first chapter. It’s subject to change. And getting killed off completely. (And I don’t simply mean the subject matter of the chapter.)

It watched the two young women saunter down the hall, discussing the latest interview with the director of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. It felt students brush past it and pulled its cloak tighter. It’s people had been impressed at the strides Doctor Cooper had made since ascending to the directorship at the age of thirty-five–especially with the most recent successes of the Mars program–but It had little regard for former child prodigies whose names meant “Rainbow”.

It’s way too early to tell if Moo will have dialog, much less show up in person, but at least she’s mentioned. ^_^

“It” isn’t human, by the way. In fact, I really have no idea what It is, except maybe a host for something else that will show up later. But there you go.

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