I can has promos?

From Twitter:

To the esteemed nerds Moogega Cooper, Brandon Moore, Celeste Anderson, Virgil Griffith, Genevieve Pearson, Danielle Mackey, Joshua Ovenshire, Jonathan Paprocki, Alana Smith-Brown, Ivan Van Norman and Curtis Armstrong:

In honor of Robert Carradine’s birthday next Sunday, I’m offering my novels Ophelia and Broken Road for free (Kindle edition only). They will be available from 12:00a – 11:59p on 3/24 at and respectively.

If you miss it, don’t worry…I still have four promo days for both books that I can use in the future. ^_^

Nerdily yours,
D.S. Ryelle

(I couldn’t find Hendrick’s twitter handle. I’m not sure he has one?)

I was going to burn all five days at once, but I decided to just do next Sunday now and hit the other four later. (I like the idea of doing both books back-to-back instead of simultaneously. Stretches things out a bit.)

Vacillating on offering Barefoot on the Couch as a short Kindle with no photos, but I’m not sure it would be the same. I wish I had a bigger audience so I could take a survey.


Ah well…back to the drawing…em…writing board. I added Dr. Moo to the “may use” section of my cast list. I’m thinking of having her be the director of NASA at age thirty-five (approximately five years before Elizabeth starts) and having Elizabeth admire her all her life. 😉

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