Can you keep a secret?

I may be risking my ass by sharing this thought (as I understand that revenge is nothing new to those to whom I am about to refer), but it has been floating around in my head for about a week now, so I feel the need to say something.


There is a certain group (who shall remain unnamed) that seems to be the epitome of modern secret societies. Since it is an activist group, there is no surprise on my part that it took interest in a recent rape case. At any rate, some of the members of the aforementioned group decided to show up at the courthouse where one of the cases was being heard and start a picket line.

Now, I know that I don’t understand this group (and never will, because I think it’s safest to stay the hell away), but I was under the impression that the point of a secret society is to remain a secret. I realize that this group–like the Masons, for example–are what is referred to as an “open secret”. However, if I were in a secret society, I would “hide in plain sight”, as it were. I would certainly not don a mask and join a picket line! What a wonderful way to get caught!

I believe, from what little I know of the legal system, that as long as this group (at that and future protests) remains peaceful, law enforcement has no right to so much as detain them. Nevertheless, how hard would it be for the press (and some concerned citizens or what-have-you) to form a group, run up to the picket line and reveal their identities to the world? Perhaps I’ve been reading too many books lately, but it seems to me that if law enforcement really wanted to get some good leads, all they would have to do is unmask them, haul them in and have the FBI (or someone) question the hell out of them until they (the FBI) can reach the upper echelons, the members of which have caused so many so much trouble in the past.

But–again–I know nothing of this group, save for what I hear on the news. Perhaps part of their open secret is to not hide in plain sight at all, but to be brash and to stake their claim in the world. Me? If I were them, I’d continue to hide.

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