I want to smack everyone that says King of the Gypsies is an accurate portrayal of American Romani life.




I don’t care if the book was supposedly “non-fiction”. In the words of Gregory House (though fictional himself), “EVERYBODY LIES!”

I don’t care if Peter Maas supposedly interviewed real Romani…it’s clear that the only thing real about them was the fact that they were motherfucking walking stereotypes! The movie should be rated R not for language, violence or anything but the fact that it drips stereotypes!

Really, if people weren’t so fucking gullible and didn’t get so fucking sucked in by the story told, I wouldn’t have a problem with it. But since Maas claimed that his book was “real”, then EVERYONE BELIEVES IT!

Damn, damn, damn! DAMN IT ALL TO HELL!


I’m almost tempted to put Southern Withdrawal (old as the idea is and excited as I was by it) on hold, just so I can go back to Backlash, get it published and really fucking rip into the American ideal of Romani life. Yes, mine will be fictional, but you know what? There will be no illiteracy. No thieving (except by the few characters I allow to be stereotypical). No royals (except for that one couple that carries over from League of Lost Souls). Everyone has a decent home–none of this running to escape six thousand dollars worth of parking tickets. And the only one who will propose an arranged marriage will get his ass kicked before the end.

I’d love to go to work on it right now, as soon as I finish ranting, but I think I need to cool down first.


Watch this space. This isn’t the end.



P.S.: Eric Roberts was a goddamn cute kid!

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