A Selection from “Backlash”

Eric tweeted me last night (Saturday) and I was so excited that I immediately reached up and felt my shoulders and said, “This is real, right? I’m awake, right?!”

At first, I was super confused, because it was a couple of links and “enjoy”. Nothing about me thinking he was uber-cute when he was twenty-two (although that’s exactly what he was replying to! *mega blush*) Fortunately, Oma was able to get a bar and a half of wifi last night and she told me that the first link was to his favorite charity. The second was self-obviating, as it takes less than a day of following him on Twitter to know that he is crazy for his stepson. (I’d definitely say Eric is Keaton’s biggest fan.) So I gave in and watched the video–distractedly, I might add, because his face and a little of his voice reminded me of Gotye. Which led to me watching the video for “Somebody That I Used to Know”.



I’m happily putting in time on Backlash–my mind is off shuffle for the moment. (The longer, the better!) Enough so that I’m ready to share a passage.

One of the things that people used to tell me was that they liked my dialog, that it was so realistic, that it always sounded the way real people talk. Another thing I heard once or twice was that they liked how things from the real world usually ended up in my stories. You’ll see that here, when the characters start talking about King of the Gypsies.


A Little Background

I’ve taken the three brothers from League of Lost Souls (Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego) and moved them to Backlash. Otherwise, all the other names have been changed. (I don’t count the inclusion of Shad as something that would turn Backlash into a Finder fanfic, because we hardly knew anything about him and I opted for the traditional/biblical spelling, besides.)

Each year, the clans in a geographic area gather for an assembly to conduct business, make announcements, etcetera. Shanna, the daughter of Meshach Cantrell, has recently turned sixteen and is attending her first Assembly. They are rooming with (twenty-five year old) Anka McClendon and her mother, Emma. Shadrach doesn’t show up for Assembly because he’s a giant ass (that much hasn’t changed) and Abednego won’t be introduced until later, because–like last time–he has gone English. Meshach and Shanna have dropped their bags in the room and the girls are on their way to go swimming.

By the time Shanna spoke again, the girls were setting up their chairs at the waterfront.

“Are you married.”

“Five years. You?”

“Not ready yet.” Shanna surveyed the water, kicked off her sandals and sat down. “You weren’t sold, were you?”

Anka laughed. “Saw King of the Gypsies, did you?”

“How’d you guess?”

“Rite of passage up north.” [Clan McClendon is from Michigan’s upper peninsula.] She, too, took off her sandals, but left her cover-up in place as she sat down. “As soon as you turn sixteen, you have to watch it–learn what not to do and what Hollywood thinks of us.

“Everyone in Clan McClendon has seen it. Those who were born seventy-seven and before saw it in theaters; then they got it on tape and showed it every year since. Glad they released it on DVD–those tapes wear out too damn fast.”

They talked about the movie at length–how angry they were when Tita was killed, how different Judd Hirsch was from his Taxi days, how cute Eric Roberts was at twenty-two. Anka was surprised Shanna knew about Taxi, but the younger girl pointed out that cable had done wonders for her popular culture education.

At this point, I don’t remember why I wanted to share that particular passage. Maybe to show what they thought of the movie and how they react to popular culture.

They say that authors put little bits of themselves into their work and I’m no exception. I was upset when Tita was killed, you know I think Eric is/was cute and it only took a half hour (ha!) of watching the movie to remember where I knew Judd from. That wasn’t the end to their pop culture discussion, by the way–Shanna says she misses I Dream of Jeannie (as do I) and Anka mentions how frustrating she finds Bewitched. (Same frustration I have.)




Anyway, I should get back to the drawing…em…writing board.



One of my friends asked me earlier, “How’s writing coming along?”

“A placemat and a quarter? xD “

Things have been slow the last few Sundays, so I’ve been using my free time at work to write. (“Progress” is defined as half a placemat or more.) Of course, I gave myself most of a half hour to write today, since I accidentally left the phone off the hook. (Had no idea what happened until someone came in and said, “What is up with your phone?”) Oh well! Meant to be, perhaps.

Now I just have to move the cat that glued herself to my hip! (Not the one I was going to hide under after Eric responding to my “HE’S HOT!” tweet last night, incidentally. *giggle*)

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