A little something of mine

I had a special request for a poem–any poem, really. I know I have a few to transfer over from my old blog, but I don’t feel like going digging; it’s just easier to copy one out of Barefoot on the Couch.

So this is for Matt. (The photo is the one that’s included with the poem.)

A Song of Fire and Water

The power,
the passion,
the feeling…
today I dream;
tomorrow, I run.

The blue Mother Moon
looks upon me
as I see
nothing but your eyes.
You draw my breath
from my body,
you fill the need
of my ever-loving soul.

How can I live without you?
How can I ever go on?
You draw the fire
into my blood,
you throw it
into the air around me
so that all I see is you…
all I feel is you…
all I need is you.

The love,
the lust,
the breath of life.
How can I let you go?
To see you
is to need you,
to want to know
every curve of your body;
the sting of your lips,
every strand of hair
falling from my fingertips.

I would tell you that
I loved you,
but that would be a lie.
I only want
the release you give me;
no more than the energy
we get from making love.

the truth
will tell itself.
I will grow tired of you;
I will run
from your arms
and seek the arms
of another;
the graven,
cold sea.

The water
waits for me…
waits for me
to return to him,
waits for me
to open my eyes
to dive
into his embrace.
He is cold,
he is not unloving;
we have been as one before.

He is the one
that cools my passion,
he is the one
that eases my mind;
he accepts my kisses,
and love,
but asks
for nothing in return.

That I could stay
in the water forever,
that I could
lose my mind
to the waves,
that I could
dissolve my body in sand.

But I know
you will call me back
one day;
and one day,
I will not hesitate
to answer.
I will have a thirst
that the ocean
cannot fulfill,
a passion
sleeker than a tiger,
a hungry heart
he cannot sate
with his desire.

One day,
I will come back…
and we wil
be together

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