So I probably shouldn’t have gone out Sunday. It’s now early Friday morning and I haven’t finished my homework! I sat down at twenty after to do more of my eval/assess homework, read a few paragraphs…flipped a few pages and…oh, look! Too much to read before bedtime and take the quiz, too! (More procrastination, that, but does anyone really want to do grad school homework at 1:30 in the morning when they have an interview that they need to be rested up for the next day? No? I didn’t think so.)

Many, many things to do here (turn this into a proper website, tell you about the problems I’ve been having getting a cover designed), but so little time to tell them in!

I mentioned on Facebook that Calista subscribed to me. So exciting! But I have nothing to show! I’ve been meaning to do book trailers for a while, and I would like to have them done professionally, but they’re extremely expensive! (Google “have book trailer made”, click the first link, click the link on the pricing pulldown and–$650! Yow!) I would try my hand at them, but I have 350 million other things to do. So I think I’d better wait until my “trusty editor” has Early One Morning in her hands before I fiddle with such things.

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