Let’s Go!

As usual, cognitive psychology calls. But not yet! Right now, I have to drag you into my world for a couple of minutes. Sit tight…we'll be out in a jiff!



In case you missed the blazons…oh, all over Facebook, Twitter and everywhere else I can possibly get them…I'm doing an IndieGogo campaign for Early One Morning. Basically, whatever someone's willing to pay for, we get. If someone pays for a Library of Congress number, but no professional ISBN number, okay. If someone pays for a professional review, but not much else happens, that's fine, too. I'll take what I can get and live with what I don't. No donations yet, but we have more than a month to go. A lot can happen in thirty-three days. (Even if you don't donate, please pass the word on to your friends. The more people that know, the better!)

Speaking of EoM, I have a book trailer on YT. (It's on the campaign page, but if you'd rather see it on YT, click the link in this paragraph.) It's not as fancy at the Matched trilogy and some of the others, but remember that they can pay someone thousands of dollars to have one done, too. The music is an Enya song called "Tempus Vernum", which is Latin for "Springtime". I've been wanting to use that song for something since I was a freshman in high school, actually. I had visions of it for a movie scene, but this is just fine; especially since Enya starts chanting right as Pontius Pilatus comes onscreen. 😉


In a little detour, Amber Rose Revah (Mary Magdalene in The Bible and the inspiration for my own version[s] of Maggie) tweeted this great blog from earlier this year, while The Bible was still airing. The blogger, a biblical scholar, praises Mark and Roma for depicting Maggie as a loyal disciple and not a repentant prostitute. I, of course, love that frame of mind, and agree with those who say, "There were so many Marys in the bible…how do we know Maggie was the same woman who was going to be stoned?"


The book is going well…I'm about to start into late Thursday evening, when the priestesses awaken Julia post-execution. I realized the other day that I screwed up the traditional timeline; but a few days later, I realized that what I did was okay, if you're a literalist. See, the way the gospels have it, they count the day Yeshua was executed as the first day in the tomb. However, if you count full days and you bear in mind that he was supposed to have risen on a Sunday, then he was most definitely executed and buried on Thursday. (Of course, as Reza Aslan points out in his Amazon interview, the gospels were written hundreds of years after the life of Yeshua, and therefore can't be considered eyewitness accounts.)

I'm a little concerned about the cover. The model/photographer whose stock we want to use hasn't gotten back to Gabrielle or I about rights yet. Gabrielle has alternate stock lined up in case we can't get Jessica's permission, but I'll be incredibly disappointed if we can't use Gabrielle's original concept. (The concept we're going to use is the one at the end of the book trailer.)

Okay, back to work on my masters degree. And then my novel. Full speed ahead! (And "make it so". And all that geeky jazz. 😉 )

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