Never a Christian

"You need to find Jesus."

"I'll pray for you, but you really need to invite Christ into your heart if you want prayer to work."



So when I was younger and sobbed on my parents' bed because "God doesn't listen to me", I suppose you'd chalk that up to "youthful fantasy"?

I hate to break it to you, but your god–whether you call him Yeshua ben Miriam, Hashem or something else–is not a money tree! He does not answer prayers! If he exists, he actively ignores you!

Don't you think it's godawful funny that Hashem actively talks to your people for hundreds–if not thousands–of years and then (apparently), after Yeshua departs, suddenly SHUTS THE HELL UP? No prophets, no burning bushes, NOTHING?! Damn, that's strange! (I know that calls into question whether Jehanne Romée was schizophrenic, but that's another story.)

I'm not saying that my Goddess and God actually do stuff in comparison, but look: we've never pretended there were miracles, claimed some mystical zombie* talked to us, said we got messages from the sky or have even written a book that claimed a bunch of shit happened thirteen hundred years ago! (Some Wiccans have said that their practices date before 1951, but I'm not Wiccan and more and more of us are disagreeing on that point, besides.)

At least I feel listened to. That's something I never had when I was a Christian. I feel listened to, I feel guided, I feel taught, I feel loved.

To paraphrase a fellow Pagan (can't remember which one), "No wars have ever been fought in the name of the Goddess."


(And frankly, I'm not the sort to tell you you're going to turn into a periwinkle if you don't convert. *chuckle*)


*Sorry…a lich. A Catholic friend said Yeshua was a lich and after I saw an infographic on it, I heartily agree. 😉

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