Fresh Out of Witty Titles

But not fresh out of chuckles. 😉


Well, it might be Monday, but don't tell my luck that…

Simon Templeman, Romeo (RSC 1982)
(Or, as he put it, "Bird in Boots". *gigglefit*)

Honestly, the only way we're going to get the other half of my wish is like this:

Yes, that's supposed to be a sword in Greg's hand. I'm a novelista, not an artist!


How about one more for the road?

Simon's twitter photo…just 'cause it's funny.


Okay. Monday happinesses are over for the moment.


Book Update

Things are a bit on the slow side. I had such a block with Early One Morning that I just stopped for a week. Which was an excellent idea, because I was thinking about it every spare moment…or every time I laid down for a nap or bedtime. (Which is just as bad, really.) I finally went back to it yesterday and so far, the second to last chapter is going smoothly. Also, my cover designer received permission from the photographer/model to use the image we wanted, so I'm pleased about that, too. Barring any more blocks, I should be on track for a Samhain publication date. (There won't be any special little extras, since my IndieGogo campaign is nineteen days away from being a bust, but what's a girl to do?)

My idea of having my fourth and fifth book out by the end of the year isn't going to happen. I withdrew from grad school (didn't want to, but psychology is harder than I thought…and MATH! The horror!), but I'm going back and restarting Emendi. I realize that many of the ideas I have now are similar to the old ones, but I think I want to take a slightly different approach and I've created a few more characters, which means I could easily write the swordfight I want…and bloody hell, I just realized Chrome's spellcheck feature doesn't work on this HTML editor. Gods, I hope I haven't made myself look like a moron for the last several entries!


I was going to chatter on about the new television season (wow, have my tastes changed in the last decade!), but it's sunny and sixty degrees. My kind of weather. I can't stay indoors any longer! Ciao!

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