Royal Shakespeareans from Mars

Okay, so they're from Zab…yeah, not going to spell it. So sue me! (*chuckle*)


So my new guilty pleasure is The Neighbors. I don't remember how I started into it…I think I was waiting for Shark Tank to start a few weeks ago and…well, what's on Fridays at 8:30, anyway? Nothing, unless you're halfway through Undercover Boss (yuck!) or Masterchef Junior (I'll record it to see if I like it).

I think I like The Neighbors because it's so off the wall! Besides, how freaking funny is it to watch Simon Templeman say all this crazy stuff with his Very Proper English Accent? And then, to top it all off, I read on IMDb that he worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1987.

That's right…he was RSC before Greg.

Anyway, I can't help but muse, "Wow…pretty far cry from Shakespeare, don't you think?" Except, when it comes down to it, it might be nice to see Greg do comedy. Just for the hell of it. I mean, you have to remember that I've only seen him scowl his way through The Bible and he had all of three sentences in Snow White and the Huntsman, standing behind Charlize Theron, who was already dominating the scene. The RSC clips on YouTube? NOT HELPFUL! There's a reason why my favorite photo of him is one where he has a giant grin plastered on his face…namely because he's the Thomas Gibson of theatre. (Although with Tom, at least you have Dharma and Greg if the Criminal Minds frownfest is too much for you.)

Comedy aside, we need a swordfight. I like pairing favorites off in my mind for various activities and Greg and Simon definitely need a swordfight. I don't care if it's even remotely Shakespearean…SWORD FIGHT, DAMMIT!

But I digress. I'll certainly be sticking with The Neighbors for its crazy goodness all season. Never mind that they're going to introduce Larry to Halloween (probably next month) and he's going to make it eight days long.

Or April Fool's Day, which is this week.

Yeah, the Weavers are in trouble. Deep. (*giggle*)

Added in 2017: erm, Greg was RSC in 76. He is still Simon’s senior.

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