Lauren: *meows for me to open the door while my hands are full*

Me: Hang on! I only have two hands! I'm not a Zabrovnian! (Yes, I thought this was very funny. I'm easily entertained…especially right after supper, when I'm full and happy.) (snerk)

(And now you know that I've only seen three episodes, or I would know about this!)

And now, a moment of culture…

(That was going to be a full-on squeakfest with a few more guys, but my neck just started hurting again, so I'm going to get to the point.)

Okay, I'm not going to discuss the most popular shows. I don't watch the most popular shows and–to be honest–if you really cared about those, you'd be somewhere like EW or TV Guide, right?

All right, then…let's go!



Thank you, Bones for taking the Pelant plotline way too far. Not only did you stretch it out so badly last season that I forgot what had happened with Pelant in between episodes, but by the time we got to the end of the season, I thought, "Are we even still worrying about him?!" And the way they ended it? Seriously?!

Oh well…Hart Hanson gave me a reason to go back to How I Met Your Mother, which has finally introduced the mother. HIMYM was a little bland this week, but I know the show is a great one for laughs, so I'm going to hang on for a little while longer. Plus, I'd like to see Ted finally get his happy ending!

I have no idea what I'm going to do at 8:30 for the rest of the season…I just know that I am staying far, far away from We Are Men. I hate the concept (and a certain actor) and I'm hoping it will get canceled.

This week also marked the season three debut of 2 Broke Girls. I have to admit that I was dismayed when the girls got a cupcake shop so soon. "Wasn't that the whole point of the show?" I wondered. So I was only slightly upset when they lost the shop and am a lot more pleased with the "walk-up cupcake window" concept. I think that will be a good place to set down roots. This week's episode was filled with a lot of double entendrés (remind me to never eat snack during that show ever again! Maybe that's what I'll do at 8:30…), but it petered out toward the end and became more about greed than anything. Hopefully, the writers just had a case of the Mondays and we'll be better next episode.



While I'm upset Cote de ​Pablo chose not to renew her NCIS contract, I'm sticking with the show. Not only am I invested in the characters, but the introduction of a whole new terrorist cell will keep me wondering for a while. Speaking of this week's episode, how about Enya at the end of the show? No one–and I mean NO ONE–ever uses her on television! I was absolutely delighted to hear "If I Could Be Where You Are" and I'll be certain to go listen to it after I'm done with this blog. (That's the best part about being a fan–pull it up on your hard drive and away you go!)

Jumping to the ten spot, we have last season's guilty pleasure, Chicago Fire. (I don't watch television at ten as a general rule, so I'm relieved they're bringing the Saturday reruns back, as that's my normal time slot.) Speaking of the Saturday slot, they killed it partway through the season, so I have to catch up with what happened at the end. (I have a general idea, but I still need Netflix to fill me in.) I'm disappointed that Mills didn't get the spot on Squad, but if it gives an opening to Chicago PD (slated for midseason), I'm all for it. And Jesse Spencer is still cute even after switching shows and dropping his natural accent, so that's always a bonus.



Tomorrow, I found myself with a bit of a triangle. We have Criminal Minds at nine, CSI at ten and SVU, running from nine to eleven–and two of those have cliffhangers!

I'm debating whether to record SVU or leave it be. As much as I'd like to see what happens to Olivia (Mariska is one of my girl-crushes), I'm fairly certain she is going to end up safe. Out of work for a little while, certainly, but not likely to quit or die any time soon.

I can wait three episodes on Criminal Minds, from what I'm told. I'd like to see Hotchner in the unit chief's seat for the first three episodes, but what is really going to keep me and hold me after all these years without Mandy is putting Esai Morales in permanently. I "fell in like with him" during his stint on Jericho, so unless his character is absolutely hateful (which is doubtful, after so many years with the last bitch–and yes, I caught a few episodes post-Mandy), I'll be sticking around.

The only certainty for tomorrow night, then, is CSI. I got wrapped up in the season finale thanks to a certain ex-celebrity crush (and he's an ex for several reasons…ask if you're interested), but what I really care about is Morgan's fate. While Elizabeth Harnois isn't all that close to me in age (like I originally thought), I've taken a shine to her and I hope everything turns out all right.

(Just to recap, the only show I'll be watching on Wednesdays is Criminal Minds, starting either this week or during week four.)



Big Bang Theory! If I have to explain why this is absolutely necessary to watch…well, that just means that you need to watch it for yourself. There is a very good reason why it's the number one comedy on television.

Scooting into nine o'clock, I'll be enjoying The Crazy Ones. In fact, this week, we're in for a huge treat, because it's an hour of BBT, going straight into CO. Robin Williams. On television. 'nuff said. 😉



I can't believe I used to think there was nothing on on Fridays! I was semi-into Malibu Country (Sara Rue is adorable and I love the way Reba says the word "moron", so I was sad to see it leave. I think Last Man Standing should have been the obvious choice for cancelation…it's never struck me as funny. (Plus Reba McEntire and Lily Tomlin together? And you canceled it?! In the words of Reba, "What are you? A mo-ron?")

Do I need to gush about The Neighbors any further? No? Okay, well…how about this tweet from last night? (For the Tim Horton's deprived, a timbit is nothing more than a donut hole. And the aforementioned flavor of timbit is my favorite. So I'm sure you can imagine how I feel about Simon. *cheeky grin*)

Shark Tank is something I can take or leave. Sometimes the products are very good and the negotiations are very exciting. Other times, I think, "Wake me when you're done!" My favorite female shark is Lori. Yes, she talks about QVC way too much (and yes, I'm well aware that she's the queen, thank you), but she has a certain charisma. As far as the male sharks, I like Mark Cuban a lot, but I think he gets a little overboard sometimes and that can be hard to take. I think I like Robert just a hair better, to be honest. What I'm really excited about is that Simon tweeted last night that he's going to be with one of the "fish" this season…I'm just waiting for an answer as to when!

Junior Masterchef, as I said a few days ago, I'm not sure about. I discovered a rerun of Kitchen Nightmares last fall and I really enjoyed it, but I'm not sure I'd feel the same way here. Plus, I'm not sure how "Gordo" is going to treat the children, so that remains to be seen, as well.

Speaking of Simon, he'd better be on before January, because if and when Shark Tank is too boring, I'm probably changing my allegiance to Enlisted. I really enjoyed Geoff Stults on The Finder (that's where I picked up the aforementioned crush, incidentally) and I was sad that it was canceled, so I'm curious to see what he's going to get up to.


Saturdays and Sundays are a bust. At least in my book. (Except for CF reruns, of course.)

But at least you now know about this Greg I've been carrying on about. *giggle*

Okay…I BADLY need another naproxen and to lay down with my neck massager. See you on the flipside!

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