Just One More Thing, Sir!

You can give me hot Brits…

…and TimBits…

Right click the image and select "open link in new tab" to see the whole pic.

But there’s only one man in this world for me…one I’ll choose more than anyone else, every time…

So what did I miss last night? How about Jamie's arc on Grey's Anatomy as Alex's druggie father?

I've seen Grey's…it's terrible in comparison to a show like House–even though House was redundant, after a while. I must also say that it's exceptionally disappointing that he won't be playing a doctor…but they let him have it on Private Practice, so I suppose you could say that there are sacrifices to be made. Nevertheless, I'm only going to stick around as long as necessary; especially since they'll have him look like a total scrufflepod.

Today's Moment of Culture is going to be a simple text link, since I didn't spend the entire post talking about television.

But I got my squeaks in (as you can see above).

And my neck feels better…which is good, because I have CSI next hour.


Anyone figure out who my mysterious "ex-crush" is?

  1. He appeared on two or three episodes of The Finder.
  2. He was in the season finale of CSI in May and his mini arc ends with tonight's episode.
  3. Give up? Find the nearest Whovian. Ask him who the only American born Master was. There's your answer.

Also, for a dead giveaway, his younger sister is one of the biggest names in Hollywood. Mention her name pretty much anywhere in the world and it's a guarantee the person you're talking to knows who she is. Seriously.


By the way…Toks, I know you'll read this, because you're just that amazing. So if you (and/or) Simon want copies of any of my books, I'll give them to you at cost and autographed. Just tweet me. <3

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