Quick Bite

This is so quick that I’m not going to bother with HTML or anything to format it…just type and done.


I’m going to have chocolate TimBits tomorrow. Huzzah! Well, okay, so I’m in need of ibuprofen and a few other things, so that’s why I’m going to make the trip over to Tim Horton’s, which is in the area. (I’m going to drop by Walgreen’s, then Tim’s, which is just two doors down.) All ready for Friday night with The Neighbors? Yes, I think so!

I think I’m also going to write some fan fiction for the first time in…gods, I don’t know how long. Neighbor-inspired, of course. It’s a good thing I waited, to be honest…if I’d started writing on Monday, it would’ve been Larry-centric; however, since Toks has become my unofficial Twitter buddy (I <3 you!) and semi-girl-crush, it might be trending a little more towards Jackie, instead. We’ll see where the characters take me…watch this space!


Have to run…my computer says 7:57. Don’t want to miss BBT! Ciao!

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