Or "What Would Quentin [Tarantino] Do?"


So if you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you're probably familiar with this blurb from 2011:

[Breathless] is a Román a clef and I always hesitate to be specific on who it involves, as I'm worried that when it finally comes out, I'm going to be in heap big trouble. So I'm only going to say this once. And remember: I'm only as malicious/psychotic/insert-negative-adjective-here as you think I am.

I had this crazy ass idea that I should take David Carradine's death, make it a real and proven murder…and then keep killing off his family. [I don't know why this doesn't say anything about the family fighting back…that's one of the most important parts! But I had a lot of shit going on in 2011.] (Yeah, there's a lot more to it, but that's the short version.) So that's what I'm writing…only a lot more convoluted than that, and told from a perspective outside the family. I love it, I really do…I just hope he would have approved. (Or "approves" in the present tense, if you believe that he has some comprehension of mortal affairs from his position on the Other Side.)

I've obviously laid it aside. It wasn't playing out as well as I'd hoped (read: "a good story, just not a smooth one"), and I was probably way too close to it.

Since I'm done with Early One Morning, I've been fishing around for "that next book". I thought about starting into Maggie Have I Known. I thought about going back to (what once was) Emendi. But none of them were really lighting the spark. (Especially Emendi, when I realized, "I still have no idea where I mean for this to go.") So I started thinking about Breathless again this morning, especially since I was kind of in a Facebook conversation with Calista last night. (Okay, so it was more like me hanging on the edges of her Facebook friend group. But I'm not complaining…I was included, and that's what's important.) And I thought about the fact that I would like to see Q make Breathless into a movie. (He wrote Kill Bill for David…why wouldn't he want to see the death of an "avatar" avenged as a sort of replacement? *evil grin*) Then I thought to myself, "What would Q do that would make this different?"


I never thought I'd say this, but I finally realized that Breathless adheres too much to reality.


I was holding off on the "balls to the wall action" because I wanted to make it realistic. (So much so, that I had a journalist ask Jamie was his favorite baseball team was, just so I could get his character straight. Yeah…I know…shake your head at me if you want to!) I haven't seen all of Q's movies (just Inglourious Basterds and Django Unchained), but it seems to me that he's not very hell bent on making things exceptionally accurate. "Kickassery" seems to take pride of place, and that's exactly what Breathless is missing. Even before I gave it up, I found myself sorely wishing that Haniya and the Caleys could do more than sit on their collective asses and hope that Detective Steinbeck and the rest of the establishment could bail them out.

So it's time to start over. Maybe I'll save some of the original material (Anthony and Haniya are still getting married…and I definitely want my fight scene alongside Calista!), but it's time to make some big changes. Dominic Caley left his family with a giant martial arts legacy and they're going to show those son of a bitch assassins how it's done!

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