Might as well lay it out…

I might as well confess everything.

It's strange that I've lasted this long, really, since I have a habit of telling everyone everything. But I guess it's because this is something that I'm not comfortable with broadcasting to the general public.

I still play Neopets.


In case you've never heard of it, it's a site that was founded in…2000, I think. It's based on the care of virtual creatures (fifty-four of them, at last count), battling them, training them, playing games and the commerce that has sprung up around it. (Wow…using a word like "commerce" makes it sound so grownup–or at least on par with Second Life. But it's heavily moderated and protected, so it's definitely a family [13+] site.)

I was introduced to the site in 2002 (that's as early as I can find an account for. Too bad I can't access it…people on that site are supremely reverse-ageist–the older your account, the better) and have been on and off it ever since.

This is actually the longest stretch I've been active on the site in maybe nearly a decade…I started up again last summer and have been on at least once a day since. (My current accounts say since September 2012, but I got my main and side account frozen around that time and had to restart, so it was probably before then.

I obviously find some entertainment value in it or I wouldn't be coming back repeatedly over the course of eleven years. Of course, it helps that it has changed drastically since the early days and there are new things to do every so often. (The next major site event is the Games Master Challenge–that will probably start Monday the 25th.)

And I've invested financially, too. I've purchased premium memberships to access the super shop wizard (best way to get low prices on the whole site) numerous times since it was introduced. I've purchased neocash (a currency to get you some of the fancier things) several times, the last being my biggest purchase to date. (About 1,500 NC…it's lasted a long time!) A few times over the last few years, I've purchased items from outside the site, too. They caught onto the fact that I was using item codes I bought on eBay (not too hard…the same items were redeemed every time, so when they appeared in my shop, you knew I'd made a run); but I've purchased a few things from a different site and I'm very careful about the way I use or sell them. In fact, this outside site is how I stay relatively wealthy in-game. (You can make "money" playing games on the Neopets site, but they're small fries compared to what you can earn buying outside the site and reselling it.)

Plus, there are cheating mechanisms you can use to get "status symbols" like trophies and avatars. I don't use mine too often, because that's how I got burnt (or "frozen") on the main account I had before this one; but from time to time, I pull it out, make some points and then put it away again and act like an average player. After all, what's the point of joining a site like that if you refuse to "be normal" from time to time?

Anyway, I didn't start this post to confess; I started it to complain.


Those avatars I mentioned? Some groups do a program where they lend items or pets to help people get the avatars, because the items can get incredibly expensive. I was in charge of starting the lending program for my guild, and that's where it all went wrong. You see, I used a premade site layout from one of the nicer sites out there (SunnyNeo, it's called), because I can't code and our sole coder is Australian. (Meaning she not only has a life, it's 12-15 hours ahead of ours!) But my guild leader (I'll call her "A") didn't like it at all.

I really dont want this guild to use premade layouts. they make guilds look bad and also keep members from joining. I know when I guild hunt that I wouldnt consider a guild with premade layouts, and there are alot of people like me.
I know you cant make layouts and I cant either, but I dont want the page on the portal until it gets a custom layout. Maybe you could ask K to make you a layout for it, if she cant then you could ask someone on the GC [no idea what that last bit is supposed to be…the graphics board?]

So I said…

You obviously missed the conversation where L said she thought you wouldn't care and K said, "If someone doesn't handle it for you, I'll deal with it when I get out of university."
Next time, try participating in the conversation instead of just complaining to me, hm?
And no, no one outside of the guild will design for me. Believe me, I've tried it before…no one is interested in strangers.

(L being the co-leader and K being the Australian designer.)


I was being honest. I asked on the boards of my favorite Neopets fan site if they'd design a user profile for me and no one responded. Ergo, I figured they don't want to do stuff for people they don't know. (Makes sense, doesn't it? Coding takes a lot of time and I wouldn't want to waste time on someone I don't have an established relationship with.)

I knew it was the beginning of the end when I said,

Let's make this perfectly clear: you don't want anyone doing anything unless they can code. So unless you can find a perfectionist like yourself with no life who can code their head off, you need to deal with it–and with me.
And if there are "a lot of people like [you]" (those who don't use proper grammar, I'm guessing?), then they're clearly elitist children. I have been on this site for eleven years and I can tell you I don't give a flying [fuck] whether someone uses premades or not. Once you get to be nearly 28, you realize people have lives outside of Neopia and can't fuss with such things.

After that, I thought, "You know, maybe I should get out of this. My first instinct is to take off; but instead, I'll cool it. I'll not post anything on the guild board for twenty-four hours. If I still want to leave after that, I can; and if they decide to kick me out in the meanwhile, then that's okay, too."

But then A came back with the following messages. (I've mushed them into one.)

I definitely never said that, and I think you missed the part where I cant code either. 
Why are you insulting my english? That really is not necessary and has nothing to do with our conversation. english is my 3rd language. when you can speak a 3rd language better, feel free to insult my english. but until then, you must have no idea how difficult it is. So please dont.  
Obviously not everyone cares about premades, but I can tell you that there are alot of people who do. I am only doing what is best for the guild. I am sorry if I offended you 🙁
Im sorry but I go to school full time and work full time and I dont have time to read every single message posted on that board. I am doing my best to handle this guild that was randomly and unexpectedly placed on my shoulders.
Nobody will join a guild that uses premades. as long as it stays in the guild then fine, but I dont want it on the portal until it gets a custom layout. 
Actually most of our layouts were designed by "strangers", including the webbie, guild layout, pen pal page, and probably more. there are request sites, which is what A2 used to create this guild because she knows that premades are bad. 

Truthfully, we have no idea how A2 feels, because she claimed that she was too busy with her new baby and not-so-secretly ran off to a different guild entirely after dumping the guild she was in on A's shoulders.

As for her "third" language; yes, I can barely speak two. But only for lack of practice. And at least I can speak my first language so well that I can write books (which would probably sell better if I had a marketing team…but that's neither here nor there.)

Of course, I have to have the last word…

I go to school full time and I would be working nearly full time if I didn't get shoved out of my job by a lying manager. Which you would know if you weren't so busy being full of yourself and bragging about your life and moaning over the fact that "nobody joins guilds with premades".
Well guess what? I'm nobody. Nice to meet you. Enjoy cultivating your little clique…I'm out.

A sent me one more message, but it's not worth reposting. K, on the other hand…

You shouldn't let anyone's comments affect you so. I really don't think leaving the guild is the answer 🙁

No, you're right. Cussing someone out is usually my answer, but when I don't want to lose my account over an elitist bitch, I leave. Ask anyone who's ever been in a fight with me. So I replied…

Sorry. I don't deal with elitist snobs, especially ones that question my maturity when I'm gone. I wasn't bragging that I was 27. I was just curious how old I was in relation to everyone else.
Frankly, I'm not interested in dealing with someone who is more concerned over the looks of her guild and its pages than cultivating genuine relationships with her guild members. I have better things to do with my life than kiss her boots.

(In case you're wondering, I have a friend who stayed in the guild after I left, so that's how I know A questioned my maturity.)


Of course, I have to question A's maturity right back, because…well, let's call her "Cat", since she's a fellow cat lover…reported that A immediately deleted the account I'd created for the lending program so I "wouldn't spy on [them]".

Spy on them? What is A, thirteen? Do I look like Harriet?

No. I do what Harriet should've done all along; write novels.     

I feel sorry for Cat and everyone who got caught up in this. All over someone else's graphic design. Sheesh.

Personally, I think guild leaders should focus on cultivating relationships, not on what their guild does or doesn't look like. But that's just me.

Speaking of me, I'm done with guilds. It's too hard to find one where everyone isn't crazy.

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