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That thing I couldn't remember the other night? GC = "guild chat"; presumably on the (highly-controlled) official message boards.

Cat got out shortly after I did. I can't remember what all she said (and I'll save her the discomfort of re-reading whatever she may have said, since I know she'll probably take a peek at this), but it seems to me like it was something to do with the fact that she brought up issues that bothered her and they weren't adequately addressed, so she left.

Anyway, she and I were making our own guild, Hekalu la Isis. (Swahili for "Temple of Isis"–English being already taken, of course.) We hadn't really done anything with it except invite in our sides, when I heard back from L.

She mentioned that she was going to see if she could take over the guild from A, since A never wanted it in the first place. (A was Second Councilor, so the leadership fell to her when A2 left. And it turns out that you can quit the leadership and it will automatically hand the reins over to 2C without asking them…I discovered that in my own guild.) L then proceeded to ask if Cat and I would come back if she took over the leadership and I–assuming that A would leave entirely (since I heard from three other unhappy people besides Cat after I left)–agreed. I had said I'd consider coming back if they "pulled a coup de etat" (my own words), but I didn't honestly think it would happen.

I also didn't think L would pull me up as her 2C if I agreeed to rejoin. But I guess that's what you get for not thinking! *chuckle*

A is still there, but I think she's going to be quieter now that she's involved with school (based on what I read on the board). K has been made Third Councilor and she, Cat and I are currently entertaining ideas of a warm/Southern Hemisphere holiday layout. We just have to see what L says. 😉

In the meanwhile, I had something else happen that made me wonder if the Powers that Be weren't telling me I ought to quit Neopets all together.


I won't go into the entire backstory, since it's lengthy and requires lots of details that I'm too damn lazy to share. The short form is that a (presumably) male member of an auxiliary site that I am now no longer a member of (thanks to this debacle) replied to a thread I was following on the message board and made all of us out to be a bunch of materialistic freaks. Worse, he had the audacity to haul off and insult one of the staff members. I'm sure he meant to seem "zen" about it, but he came off as a cranky old man. So I stepped in and said, "C, since when did you start acting like an eighty-three year old?!" and then called him out on his temerity to insult a staff member.

The following day, I got this message:

You have been warned by the staff of [X].


We have found in one of your posts that you have been disrespectful to another member or staff member. The number one rule of X Forums is to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Please be kind and courteous to other members, not harassing them and keeping your cool around others.

We have also found in at least one of your posts some form of what we consider spam. Spam includes posts that do not add to the topic at least, posts that use chat speak, posts less than 7 whole words, excessive and/or abusive use of smilies, and posts that bump up old and dead topics. We make this very clear in our rules and we provide questions that will help you determine if your post is spam or not. To refresh yourself on the rules, we strongly recommend you read up on them here.

Now it's very important to note that I missed "another member" and read it only as "disrespectful to a staff member"–otherwise, my response wouldn't make as much sense.

I was defending the staff member [C] was insulting; [H], I believe. [C] is not a staff member. Would you like to go back and check that post again, before you go pointing fingers? (I was the one that said “you have the audacity to backsass a staff member?!’)

Furthermore, I have not spammed in months and always go back and edit my posts after I am notified that I have slipped up. Ergo, I have no idea what you are insinuating.

But instead…well…I'll post what (she?) said, with my comments interspersed.

Whether or not you were defending a staff member is out of the question [Why? Defense of staff should never be out of the question. Ever.]—we've been clear that being rude to other community members has its repercussions. [No, you haven’t! Where? In the site rules that no one ever reads?] We've also been trying to get a handle on [C] for quite a while; the point here is that if you see someone out of line, really, just pop in a report and be done with it. Being rude to someone else who is being rude will just add fuel to the fire. Just let the mods do their jobs and handle the situation. Unfortunately, even if your intentions were good, we still have to call you on some rulebreaks. Although some are minor [all are minor, you bitch! TDN’s rule of “seven-word posts, or else it’s spam” is infuriating!], we can't ignore past warnings.

It's just a verbal, and just a reminder, that in most cases, it's just better to send in a report.

Okay, I get calling me out for insulting another member. I really do. But to go back and drag a teeny tiny offense into the picture, one that is so minor that you never get a private warning for it; that's unacceptable. It's complete and utter bullshit, in fact. And I told her so.

It's one thing to be a pissy little shit about minor infractions; but to admit that someone like [C] is a disruptive force and you'd rather “control him” (by ignoring him and picking on the innocent, apparently) than kick his ass to the curb, that is unacceptable.

I'm not going to put up with this shit. You can cancel my lending chain request—I’m taking my patronage elsewhere. (And don't bother responding…the only reason I'm not deleting my account immediately is to ensure you'll read this.)


(Sidebar: my lending request wasn't canceled…she didn't say anything to the person responsible for lending, so I'm all signed up for a December chain, provided we get enough people.)


I hate, hate, hate administrators who know someone is causing a huge issue on a site and they continue on their merry little way. That is infuriating! I used to play a text based RPG called Hogwarts Live where there was a member cursing up a storm, insulting other people, insulting mods/admins (I can't remember what all); to the point where we would beg those in charge to boot him out and THEY NEVER DID! They always bitched at people like me who told him/her to shut up and go away instead of ACTUALLY TAKING CARE OF THE ISSUE! AUGH!

Failure to act is one of my GIANT pet peeves. There was a university I was at for a short time and it was my first major election that year, so I was excited to vote. That was the day I stopped talking to my neighbor/friend…she said she didn't vote because her vote didn't mean anything. Well, hell…I didn't want Bush or Kerry in office that year, so I voted for a third party candidate. (I can't even remember who it was that year.) Some people told me that I wasted my vote, but others said that it was good, because I was telling the system I didn't like who they'd picked for me. I tend to agree with the latter.


And I'm a member of a different auxilary site now, just in case you were curious. ^_^

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  1. I’m realizing the irony in this comment as I just got out of an argument centering around why I post my books on a site known to be affiliated with the Pirate Party of Canada. To cut it short–namely because I just started blogging about it–if people bought my books, I’d have no reason to post them on a known pirating site.

    15 Nov 2013 at 8:35 pm

  2. I decided to share one of your compliments in a wider post. Thank you. 🙂

    15 Nov 2013 at 10:51 pm