Carrot Cake

I just wanted to publish this to a wider audience. I realize I'm cherry-picking from commentary, but this makes me feel good; especially coming from someone I previously had a conflict with.

So, if I follow, you are letting your words be seen by a wider audience than just those that have coin to pay? Then it sounds as you are a real author.

Exactly. In fact, I should probably tell more of my friends about my books being on Tuebl. I'm at the age where my peers are getting married and starting families and probably don't have a great deal of money. (Or are finishing grad school, or are like me, with degrees but going to career school because they can't do squat with what they have.)

I wasn't going to put all my work on there…just the first two as sort of a carrot (or carrot cake…yummy) to make people want to buy. But Travis offered me a featured spot in exchange for posting Early One Morning and–tiger that I am–I couldn't help myself.

All this over me exercising my passion/crush/lust over a Shakespearean actor who played one of the most reviled men in Christian history. Incredible.

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