If you don’t like it, eat it!

Okay. I'm trying to relax right now, because I just got through one of those fights where you tell the instigator to shut up and go away and they won't back the fuck off. I reported him to twitter for spam; but the bottom line is that if someone keeps mentioning your handle, aggregators like SilverBird and HootSuite will keep notifying you about them.

I want to say that this isn't my fight, but when the fight centers around one of my books, it automatically becomes my fight; especially when the instigator wants to talk over my head instead of directly taking up the issue with me. (I was clued in on it by the repeated use of my handle.)

This all started because Early One Morning is currently a staff pick on The Ultimate eBook Library (Tuebl). I'm delighted it's a staff pick, to be honest, especially since the founder of Tuebl is the one who encouraged me to post my work there in the first place. (I was already taking delight in its stock…why shouldn't I pay them back by posting my own work?)

Let me make this completely and perfectly clear: I am well aware that Travis McCrea is a kopomist (sorry if I'm spelling it wrong) and is the head (or former head, I can't remember) of the Pirate Party of Canada. I am aware that Tuebl is a pirating site. Once again: I not only post my work there, I read the work of others. I don't give a flying fuck.

Let's look at this from both angles: I download books from Tuebl because I have no money. If I had money, I would have my own car, I'd be living on my own, I wouldn't have food stamps and I wouldn't be working in retail. I'd be buying books like normal people.

Except, maybe I still wouldn't, because a lot of times, I download them to check them out and see if I'll like their work. I do pay for the work of authors I know, because I know it's a safe purchase. Just because someone is a big shot like Dan Brown, doesn't mean I'll like their work. (I got DaVinci Code when Amazon had it free and I liked it…downloaded the second book from Tuebl and I didn't like it. I was therefore glad I didn't spend the money on it.)

Something was mentioned about the library. I live about fifteen minutes from both of the nearest libraries and don't like to waste gas if that's my only trip. Furthermore, until recently, my hometown library was run by a conservative Catholic gentleman. That means, that besides not having a lot of books (I live in a city of ten thousand), they may not have had what I wanted. (I went there when the Sookie Stackhouse craze was in full swing and they not only didn't have any copies on hand, they'd never heard of it!) I realize there's the interloan system, but if I want to read a book, I WANT TO READ A BOOK! I don't want to wait three weeks while a copy becomes available and comes in from OUTER FUCKING MONGOLIA! (Sorry Mongolians…I'm sure you're nice people!)

The other angle is that I'm a nobody. I've released four books since 2010. Last year was the first time I'd made royalties since, and even then, it was ten fucking dollars. If I post on Tuebl, I not only get attention, but there's a possibility that people may buy my work. (Possible. Especially since my poetry book is print only.)


I came in partway through the argument and had a hard time getting the instigator to stop going over my head and making him tell me what the fuck his problem was. As far as I can tell, the issue was all about the DMCA takedown and whether I knew whether my stuff was being posted and…it was very exhaustive.

I basically told him I didn't give a flying fuck, since I am both a poster and a reader. I told him multiple times, "If you have a problem with me posting my stuff on a pirating site, you and your little buddies go off and buy my stuff and basically PAY ME to stop doing it."

I said I wasn't going to argue the point, that I was a Dem and I don't give a flying fuck about people and their political ideals and he turned it around on me and said something about Dems not approving of thievery. (Really, dumbass? Then what's your [collective] fucking problem with the president and the rest of the liberals?!) Again, it wasn't about thievery; it's about me, as a Democrat, not taking up against people and their religious and political ideals. I am not a fucking Republican; I do not tell you what to think and say and do.

One more fucking time, just in case you didn't get it:



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