Daya’s Awards

This was just going to be a tweet that I expanded upon a little in my blog, but I thought I’d make it a little more involved, with full names, photos, etcetera.

(Sidebar: Google Translate has added more languages, including a couple of African ones and Maori! Too cool.)

In my own little world, we can have our own awards and forget the fact that the Emmys/SAGs/Golden Globes forgot you.

Truthfully, I should match the Emmys category for category (and I probably could, if I tried hard enough), but for this one, I’m just going to repeat what I had in my tweet.


Best Miniseries or Movie (or, in this case, “Best Miniseries, Part of Which Will be a Movie in 2014”): The Bible

I’m inventing a second category for this: Best Use of Angels in the 2010s. Armor and capes and flying swords. I mean, seriously…d’you think the angels in Dogma could have kept up with these guys? Maybe. Maybe.

Best Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or Movie: Amber Rose Revah — Mary Magdalene, The Bible

Not only is she gorgeous (girlcrush!), but she had a certain no sé lo que as Mary. (Well, I guess I do know. A little. After all, Maggie is portrayed as a penitent prostitute everywhere else; but with Mark and Roma at the helm, she was more “apostolic girl power”.)

Also worth noting: her recent Snickers commercial. In which she did her own Russian.


Best Actor in a Miniseries or Movie


Special Mention for (Almost) Making Me Forget My Hottie was Only in this for Three Minutes

Dominic West — Richard Burton, Burton and Taylor

This isn’t what I had a crush on:

This is:

Note the (oh-so-subtle) difference. 😉


Excuse to put in one of my boys number one…

Best Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or Movie: Greg Hicks — Pontius Pilatus, The Bible

Pontius Pilatus

Who else could play one of the biggest villains in the bible and have me running after him a week afterward?

And still in love with him…let’s see, Netflix rental date (first series disc) is May 3 and today is December 13. (Do the math.)

Plus, trip over myself to write a book involving him. (Early One Morning made it, Exilium and Emendi are somewhere between dead and alive and he has a bit part in January Rain.)

The man really needs to find an excuse to come back to the States, I swear to Goddess! (Or at least de-cobweb his Twitter account, so I can jump into his virtual lap and refuse to get out. *giggle*)


Excuse to put in one of my boys number two…

Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama: James Remar — Jimmy Evans, Grey’s Anatomy

I don’t really like Grey’s. But I’ll put up with just about anything (except horror, opera and country) to see him and have him in my life.

I really want to fix him up in this picture and then hand him a razor and say, “Shave, dammit!”

(If you missed it, Alex said straight off that he “did an Emily” and took his mother’s maiden name, Karev.)


I think “Choice Hottie” is a category at the Teen Choice Awards. For me, obviously, there’s a tie:


No question. 😉

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