Let’s Get Ticking!

You know I love centering my Kindle deals around Pagan holidays…well, the time has come again! We’re heading into my “Yule Love It!” countdown.

Starting on 21 December, for twenty-four hours onlyOphelia will be going for $3.99 (regular $8.95) and Broken Road will be going for a whopping NINETY-NINE CENTS! (Regular $5.95.) Tell your friends, tell your loved ones and mark your calendars, because the countdown will be going up one price point each day until the (incorrectly-dated) feast of Yeshua ben Miriam’s birth.

Since I get one promo per cycle (ninety days), there won’t be any free books available until my (starting-to-be-annual) “Bobby’s Birthday/Beltane Sale(s)”. Sorry. 😦

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